Holly’s World Good Bad TV

Holly’s World debuted last night.  I was stoked because I love bad TV with good looking girls.  While watching the first episode, I found myself getting slightly upset about how staged and fake the reality show looked.  Then I remembered that’s, in part, what I like about it.
So there’s made up drama about Holly’s weight and a villain (Jayde Nicole) was brought in add more fake boobs and faux drama to the show.  Big deal.  I’ll watch.  How’s 20 more brainless minutes on a TV show set in Las Vegas a week going to kill me?

On a side note, whenever I write about a movie or TV show I usually look for a link to buy it on Amazon, but I was surprised to find that season one of Holly’s World isn’t available on DVD…yet.  Since every season of The Girls Next Door and Kendra are all available, it can’t be too long before you can buy Holly’s World.

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Hotel 25 at Bally’s Las Vegas?

After a fire a few years ago burned the top floor of the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, MGM decided to use the bad situation to their advantage and created Hotel 32, a upgraded floor at Monte Carlo.  Reviews seem to be very positive, so it seems as if this worked.

Will Bally’s take advantage of a lesser fire that occurred this past week by renovating part of the hotel?  Not likely, but some renovations at Bally’s are long overdue.

Only one person was injured in the small fire, check news 8 for more details.

John Unwin and Cosmopolitan on Nightline

Three things about this interview with John Unwin for Cosmopolitan after my disclaimer that I really like Cosmopolitan.

  1. I’m pretty sure the “curious class” numbers being thrown around are made up.  Send me stats if you have it to prove me wrong
  2. I’m surprised they discuss that there is a casino in this interview.
  3. If there is a “curious class” they aren’t watching Nightline.

Enjoy the interview.

Thoughts On Cosmopolitan

I wanted to share some thoughts now that Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been opened for a couple weeks.  Let me say this, in general, as someone with a marketing background I usually try to avoid all of the grand opening hype.  Most people will report nothing but the good at that point.

I prefer to let other people break in a property for a few days before I grace it with my presence.  I did the same with CityCenter last year (which I need to look back at 1 year later).  I’ll have more thoughts moving forward, but I’ll break my thoughts on the Cosmo today down like this:

Tall, Skinny, Ugly on the outside but Pretty Inside

I’m not enamored by the way the building looks on the outside.  However, once I looked inside of the building I saw lots to like.  There are plenty of modern features and beautiful, shiny crystals and chromes.  The Cosmo is bright inside, but not in a bad way.  Think the opposite of Aria.

The furnishings are things I’d love in my house, but I can never seem to find affordable, comfortable modern furnishings.  I guess that’s what $4 billion can do.

The profile of the building(s) are very tall and very narrow.  Every time I’ve walked through the place looked and felt crowded.  There were a lot of people just looking around and not gambling or eating or shopping so I’ll look into this again in 6 months after the curious people are gone.

It would be great if Cosmo remains crowded but with people spending money.  She’s pretty today, but we’ll see what happens after a little wear and tear.

Casino and Sportsbook

As I mention above, the casino is narrow and feels crowded but upon further inspection those were just people looking.  Maybe the feeling of being crowded will lessen with time as people quit gawking and/or hit the tables.

Each visit I’ve seen the tables and machines have all been fairly quiet.  Maybe 1 player per table on average.  Tables are pretty good for a strip casino: blackjack minimums are as low as $10 with 3:2 payouts for blackjack on all except double deck games.  As per Vegas Tripping the video poker pay tables are slightly above other strip casinos.

The sportsbook is TINY.  I could never see myself hanging out watching games here.  It feels more like a lounge than a sportsbook.  Planet Hollywood has a tiny sportsbook, but at least they have Blondies and the PBR bars in the Miracle Mile shops for overflow.

They also have a stage in the sportsbook with free concerts, that’s pretty nice but it will definitely get in the way of the gamblers.  I’m stoked for the free shows, but I wonder how the two will work together.

I’ve walked by the sportsbook about 4 or 6 times and only noticed sports on the TV’s once.  I’m not sure that’s always the case, but that’s what I noticed.

Lastly, there is no poker room.  I’m pretty sure this will change in time.  There’s really no reason not to have one except for differentiation.

Restaurants & Shopping

The restaurants and shopping are on the second and third floors. There are a lot of restaurants that seem as if they’ll be good.  My first dining experience was great!

Some friends and I split a bunch of small plates & appetizers at Holsteins.  Everything was fantastic.  In fact, this was one of the best meals I’ve had in Vegas in a while!  The beer list was huge and the prices weren’t insane like most casino restaurants.  I cannot wait for a return trip.

On another trip I tried Comme Ca.  It was ok.  Not priced too bad for a casino, but there wasn’t anything amazing about my meal.  I’m looking forward to trying the others – specifically the pizza place, China Pablano and Scarpetta.

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Cosmopolitan Doesn’t Care About Money

While I’ve spoken about how much I enjoy the marketing of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, they’ve glaringly avoided talking about gambling which has stuck me as strange.

This article shows that gaming makes up almost 75% of Sands worldwide business and while that number may be a little less in the US, it’s certainly not a number to throw away.

As I mentioned I like a lot of what the Cosmo is doing with their marketing, but their avoidance of gambling has had me puzzled.  Even though their target audience is younger than the average gambler (Vegas Gang #55) it’s surprising they would eschew this market 100% in the public.

I’ve seen nothing to the contrary but I’m sure this will change with time.

No Resort Fees at Cosmopolitan!

Cosmopolitan continues to not follow trends of other strip properties in awesome ways.  This time we see that they’re not going to have resort fees and don’t plan on it.

“I’ve been playing around in that (resort fee) arena for 15 years,” veteran hotelier and Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin said in a recent interview. Though hotels often tack on resort fees to offset plummeting hotel rates, “we’re not doing that because people don’t like it,” Unwin said

I didn’t realize that resort fees have been around for 15 years.  I’ve never paid a resort fee until the past couple years in Las Vegas.  Regardless, this is a nice move by the Cosmo.  I wonder if they’re gonna hire a model to tell people this move…

Power Company Inc Will No Longer Hide Your Sins

If you’ve every been to the Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas you may remember that the drinks you charged were not charged to the club, but to Power Company, Inc.  This was an amazing way to expense drinks (or whatever) without the shameful stamp of “strip club” on your report.  Well, Crazy Horse Too is being auctioned by the government, so you won’t be able to hide behind Power Company again.

Proceeds from the sale are supposed to go toward paying off the millions of dollars its convicted former owner, Rick Rizzolo, owes the government in back taxes and fines, as well as a $10 million legal settlement for a Kansas man, Kirk Henry, who was paralyzed in a fight over his bar tab at the club in 2001.

Crazy Horse Too has been closed for a while now, so something was going to happen with the property.  If you’ve ever wanted to own a strip club, here’s your chance!

Photo: Flickr: pony.rojo

The Dream Is Over REHAB: Party at the Hard Rock Canceled

Merry Christmas to all, unless you are part of the REHAB TV family.  The show about the party at the Hard Rock Hotel was recently canceled.

The truTV reality show “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” won’t be returning for a fourth season, attorneys have disclosed.

The disclosure was made last week in court papers by attorneys for the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino, which hosts Rehab day parties during the summer and was hit with a trademark lawsuit over the TV show in September by the owner of the international Hard Rock brand.

I’m all about faux reality with girls in bikinis.  I love how awful this show was and I’ll be sad to see it go.  Thankfully we have the internet and REHAB will forever live on!

Sighting: Angel Porrino

I was waiting for my friends in the valet area at Planet Hollywood when I saw Angel Porrino walking into the hotel with her son.  She was dressed down as it was 9:30am, but she was much prettier than I remember in Holly’s World.  I guess I can look forward to the new season of the show.  That’s my one quasi-celebrity sighting for this last “trip” to Vegas.

A Look At Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Suite

I haven’t been into some of the design touches that I’ve been teased with for the rooms at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, but this look at the wrap around suite is really nice.

I don’t even mind the lack of doors on the master bathroom as it’s behind the bed and there’s a door to the water closet.  The ability to look all the way out the windows is pretty cool.  Enjoy the tour.