Barbary Bills Closed Today

Today is the last day for Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon. Whoop de do. It’s just another change to the Vegas strip and I’m all for change.

When Bill’s reopens next year, what had become a Strip antique will be a boutique hotel with new hotel rooms, a refurbished casino, a second-story restaurant, and a rooftop pool and nightclub. It will have yet another name.

A boutique hotel and casino seems like something that makes sense for today’s market. I’m not very nostalgic and I have little care for  a casino I’ve never been to. This is being called a full renovation so I’m assuming all of the rooms will be renovated and new unlike the half assed renovation of the Imperial Palace into The Quad.

I like new shiny new things and I ‘m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the property when it re-opens in a couple years. I imagine that this will just continue the migration of low rollers downtown and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you frequented Bill’s the POV Blog tells you what other Caesars properties you can visit to find things like beer pong and performers like Fat Elvis. If you’ll miss cheap gaming, head downtown or to any of the casino’s in these hotels.

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  1. Kyle

    Goodnight, sweet prince!

  2. girlygirl

    I hardly ever went in the place. Being a dollar/five dollar slots player, I had absolutely no luck there. I am sorry I did not try the restuarants as I heard mostly positive comments .
    I do remember when they had a Mcdonalds downstairs when it was Barbery Coast. It was a cool mid-strip stop during a summer heat wave. It was so hot and so dry, they did not have an iced tea large enough, so I ordered two! Ahhh…LV in the summer.

    • Marc

      You just reminded me that in my summer strip walks where I stop at every casino that this was only one I skipped. Didn’t need air or drinks so soon after Flamingo or before stopping at Flamingo.

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