There Are So Many Reasons To Love El Cortez…Here are Four

When I wrote about the change of Old Vegas to Downtown Vegas I highlighted my love for El Cortez. El Cortez has a lot of history and great gambling. Throughout the year they do little things to incentivize people to visit. Here are some of my favorite promotions they ran last year.

FREE WHITE CASTLE – The sliders at White Castle are an east coast late night staple but they don’t have any restaurants in Las Vegas. Enter El Cortez who periodically offers free White Castle burgers to guests. I don’t even like White Castle sliders but I flipped out when I saw this. I’ll eat a free burger! Unfortunately they don’t fly the burgers in from an actual restaurant. They just purchased the microwavable sliders you can get an any gas station. This is fun but actually kind of nasty for a midday snack.

El Cortez White Castle

FREE KLONDIKE BARS – It should come as no surprise that the summer in Las Vegas is HOT. What better time to have ice cream than when it’s 120 degrees outside. El Cortez is located just north of the Fremont Street Experience canopy and that means a few minutes in direct sunlight for most tourists. Free ice cream is a perfect midday treat! This summer I saw a sign that wins you a free Klondike Bar from the El Cortez if you hit a jackpot in Video Poker for $25 or more on a Wednesday. I actually saw this promotion two years ago too. I’ll eat free ice cream!

El Cortez Klondike Bar

FREE PIE – A free slice of pie is one of the favorite recurring promotions at El Cortez. Not only will the El Cortez will bring you drinks to the gaming table or machine but a few times a year they will also serve you a slice of pie. The pie changes depending on season. I’ve seen apple, blueberry and pecan pie (below) offered. I’ve never been at the El Cortez when they are serving pie but I’d definitely take them up on the offer for a slice of pie!

El Cortez Free Pie

FREE STEAK – You know I love steak and the prospect of winning a free steak dinner is something that I could normally find myself playing Video Poker for. There are two unfortunate parts of this promotion. 1. I had a pretty bad experience at the steakhouse at El Cortez (See review for The Flame at Vegas Chatter). 2. I don’t like to play the coin-in machines where the sign is located. Call me dainty but I’m over the coin dirt on my hands. This is available all year long. The only way I’d visit The Flame again is if my steak was free.

El Cortez Steak Dinner

These are just some of the fun promotions El Cortez offers their customers. These are all fun promotions and are the kind of independent thinking that attract me to a casino. The cost of most of these items are about $1 but to tell someone that I won a Klondike Bar or was served a slice of pie at the craps table is priceless.

I hope strange and different promotions like this continue at El Cortez and the other Downtown Vegas casinos.

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