Wynn Red Card Info Now Available Online

Wynn and Encore are finally allowing you to access information for your Red Card online.  Of course, there is no noticeable place to find this on the Wynn website.  You will find your access point at the upper right corner of the reservations page.

Since you now know how to find the red card page, you’re about 1/3 of the way through the process.

Now you have to spend about 10 minutes registering for an account.  The process is annoying, but once you register and confirm you now have access to Red Card info you once had to call Las Vegas to get.

You’re about 66% done now and the rest is fun.  You can now see what the Red Card has for you.  You can check the following:

“My Promotion” – Latest offers available to you.  I have room offers and early booking offers.  I’m sure this will be different for everyone.

“My Account and Profile” – Address, Email, Password updating.  Access to all of your account info.  This is good to check.  The person at the Red Card desk entered a wrong letter in my email address and street address as well so I never got offers.

“Contact Wynn Las Vegas and Encore” – Find out more and contact Wynn. Easy access to all Wynn numbers

“My Casino Account” – Player Information.  You can apply for credit or check your comp dollars.

“Reservations” – Room, Dining, Shows, Other.  This is an excellent and easy way to plan out a trip.  The restaurant reservations have enough detail to never have to go to the main website.

Overall Wynn’s online rewards system may not be the most robust and may be a pain to set up, but it’s once you are into the system everything is set up nicely.

I’ll be bookmarking this page so I never have to hear Steve Wynn talk to me again or the music in the background.  Everything I could want for a trip to Wynn is located on the Red Card page.

Do yourself a favor – spend the 10 minutes or so setting yourself up.  Bookmark the page.  Never deal with the rest of the Wynn website.  Or you can go to wynncore.com and enjoy that.

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  1. LOL! Amen on hearing Steve Wynn’s voice. That is the most annoying website for a Vegas resort I have ever seen. If there’s a way to bookmark just the Red Card link without having to go through the rest of the website, I think everyone should follow your lead.

  2. Marc

    I’m glad someone else sees things the way I do. 🙂

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