Bookies – Movie Review

I’d never heard about the movie “Bookies” before.  I saw that it was on IFC last month so I recorded it and held it for a rainy day.  I figured a movie about bookies can’t be all that bad.  Well, it rained today for about 3 minutes today so I decided to watch the movie.

First thing I noticed is that Rachael Leigh Cook and the dude from Big Bang Theory were in the movie.  I don’t watch many movies, so it was cool to see actors I recognized on IFC.

Bookies” is the story about college kids who enjoyed betting on sports who realize the money that can be made and turn to the other side and decide to be the book makers.

In brief, they start raking in the cash, the dude from Big Bang Theory starts doing cocaine and going a little crazy, and they get in trouble by the guys they used to make bets with.

The movie has just about every stereotype you could imagine with people involved in illegal gambling.  In the end the problems are “taken care of” and the guys pay the consequences with their futures.  Of course, they’re young and in college and life goes on.

Bookies” wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t a great movie.  Between my fondness for Rachael Leigh Cook and the subject matter, I’d watch it again if I saw it while flipping the channels.  I give this 3 of 5 stars – right down the middle.

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