Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry Strip Club Mix?

EMI doesn’t allow for embedding of the original “Waking Up In Vegas” video.  I found this remix of Katy Perry’s song on YouTube for this post.  It’s not a great remix, but Katy Perry is still in the video so who can complain?  She’s easy to look at.

I heard this song the other day and thought the subject would make for a fun post.  What do you do when you wake up in Vegas?  I usually do one of a two things…

I’m an early riser no matter what time I go to sleep.  I’m always the first awake no matter who I travel with.

My mornings usually start with me wandering for a cup of coffee and water while I wait for my friends to wake up and get a meal.  Sometimes I’ll add in some chocolate since the sugar makes things move a little quicker.  Once I get my drink(s) I usually keep wandering and  will usually sit at some kind of machine so I don’t have to deal with anyone else. By the time I finish my coffee someone will wake up and a bite to eat will occur as will more coffee.

My alternate waking up in Vegas is much more simple.  When I can’t handle leaving my room I’ll just call room service and keep it close.  I recently found that a combination of fruit, bacon, coffee and water to be a great hangover cure.


Fruit is a new addition to my hangover cure and I’m in love.  The juices from the fruit are so refreshing and I’ve had some kind of fruit every time I’ve had a hangover in a casino and it works like a charm.

So…what do you do when you wake up in Vegas?

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  1. TabberNak

    What do I do when I wake up in Vegas?
    Start drinking.
    Because you can’t drink all day
    if you don’t start in the morning.

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