Wayne Newton To Tropicana

Last week Wayne Newton finalized a deal  with the Tropicana for a 6 month show called “Once Before I Go.”  The show begins on October 16 and runs through the winter.

The 67-year-old Las Vegas legend will give his act more of an autobiographical focus for the six-month run beginning Oct. 14. “It’s the only time that we’ll ever do it,” Newton told reporters Wednesday.

Wayne Newton isn’t much my thing, but he’s one of the old Vegas staples so he’s due an iota of respect whether you like or dislike him.  He will keep Tropicana crowds busy while they continue to transform the motif of the casino to a young, south beach (Miami) vibe.

I don’t know that the change will bring more people to the casino, but I applaud the effort.  I’m not sure they can do anything to win me over, but ya never know.

Buy Wayne Newton Tickets

Buy Wayne Newton Tickets

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