EDGe Vegas Everything Vegas Sam Nazarian & sbe Sell Their 10% Of SLS Las Vegas

Sam Nazarian & sbe Sell Their 10% Of SLS Las Vegas

Buffet Monkey At SLS Las Vegas

First Buffet Monkey, Now Sam Nazarian Out at SLS Las Vegas

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sam Nazarian (sbe) decided to sell their 10% Of SLS Las Vegas. SLS Las Vegas has gotten off to such a bad start since opening in 2014 that they’ve made drastic changes like closing the nightclub, removing brand names from stores and restaurants, refreshing their players club to a more locals friendly model and more.

SLS Las Vegas isn’t the cool, hip casino originally planned and this basically seals the nail in that coffin.

Stockbridge Capital will operate the casino-hotel for the time being. Earlier this year I speculated that SLS Las Vegas was on the road to becoming Cosmopolitan Jr. but I don’t think that will be the case moving forward. The executive staff at SLS Las Vegas is doing everything they can to change the image of the property. By the time Stockbridge sells SLS there won’t be any cross marketing opportunities for Cosmo and SLS to make any sense.

I really like the hotel rooms at SLS Las Vegas and the Umami Burger/William Hill sports book but I’m not sure there’s a compelling reason to visit more often. I’d like to see the property do better but I think that will take new ownership. We’ll see.

Read more about “Nazarian to Sell Stake in SLS Las Vegas Hotel” at the Wall Street Journal

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3 thoughts on “Sam Nazarian & sbe Sell Their 10% Of SLS Las Vegas”

  1. When we were there in August the casino was dead, and there was no energy/vibe. This development is not a surprise. The question I have is when will they shut it down? We will be back in December and I’ll pop in to see how they change things up. Thanks for the update.

    1. I don’t think it will shut down but my guess is that it will change hands in the next year.

      1. You’re probably right. It was a nice casino, just no people, and no reason to make it a destination point….clearly, if it was located where the Cromwell is, their situation wouldn’t be the same. 😉

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