Checking Out The Hotel Rooms At SLS Las Vegas

SLS Las Vegas Desk
SLS Las Vegas Desk

I’m finally getting to go in depth on the hotel rooms at SLS Las Vegas. I’ve covered just about every angle on the casino floor (click here to see) but it was brought to my attention last week that I’ve never shared my thoughts on the rooms. I’ve stayed in the World Tower twice and had two different sized rooms with similar, but different, experiences and I think I have enough info for a detailed review.

The rooms are highly designed by Philippe Starck (I’m told that he’s famous) to make them feel bigger than they are. The rooms in the World Tower are 360 square fee and are a mix of comfort and discomfort with a lot of really cool touches.

Let’s first look at the King room in the World Tower. This was my favorite of the two rooms. The single bed made the room feel spacious.

SLS Las Vegas King Bed
SLS Las Vegas King Bed

Not shown here are the two lighted (is that the right word) mirrors that also add the appearance of a room that feels larger than 360 square feet. The entire room is white with black highlights. This helps to create the appearance of more depth. The bed itself was very comfortable and the 4 pillows were great. It can be a little uncomfortable sitting upright with the window right behind the bed if you don’t use those pillows wisely.

The couch was crazy slippery any time I tried to get comfortable. Good thing the cushion is strapped in because I would have busted my butt. Twice. The couch and similar chair were fine to sit on to get dressed but they felt as though they were made for appearance, not comfort.

The end table to the right had multiple USB and normal outlets while the end table to the left had none. That was strange but fine as I was on a solo trip.

Last week I stayed in the Double bed room in the World Tower which felt much less spacious than the King room.

SLS Las Vegas Double Beds
SLS Las Vegas Queen Beds

The room with the double beds felt much smaller than the King room even though it’s the same size. The rooms are laid out almost exactly the same with more beds, less end tables and that strange awning above the window.

The beds felt more like Full sized mattresses than Queen. The website lists them as “Double Beds” and not queen. The mattresses were comfortable but the beds overall were a little less comfortable than the King room. Each bed had only had two pillows. The pillows are what really made the King bed so comfortable.

Unless you’re a small person with another small person these bed will not be comfortable to share.

The beds were almost up against the wall to either side which wasn’t very comforting. The table in between the beds had the same USB and normal outlets of the King room. However, it’s placed right up against the bed and easy to roll into while sleeping or walk into getting out of bed. If I didn’t have that last Magic Hat #9 I’m sure I’d be scarred.

I would avoid the Double room as it just wasn’t as comfortable as the King room. There are larger rooms available that might alleviate the discomfort.

As I said the rest of the room was set up similar to the King room. My favorite part of the room was the huge 55″ TV and desk.

SLS Las Vegas TV and Desk
SLS Las Vegas TV and Desk

The desk is cool to look at with a graphic rendition of a map of Las Vegas. As you can see the map is on a platform on the desk that just offers a little design. It looks more awkward for work than it is. Like the end tables there are slots for USB and traditional outlets on the desk.

This was the first time that there were more accessible outlets than I could use at once. I love it.

What I didn’t love was that little wood desk chair. It is the most uncomfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. I’d rather sit on the concrete outside in the summer. It was so bad that I couldn’t work at the desk for more than 10-15 minutes. I just unplugged and worked in bed.

The TV is enormous. I don’t think that any photo can do it justice. If you’re the kind of person that spends time in the room you’ll love it. It’s perfect for watching a movie or TV from bed (especially sports).

The TV has a pretty great interactive system that I haven’t seen before.

SLS Las Vegas TV
SLS Las Vegas TV

The TV menu was great. Checking my charges was easy. I was able to explore different parts of the hotel that I wanted without sitting through the things I didn’t want to see like other hotels. The best feature were the restaurant menus. They had prices if you wanted to go downstairs for a bite or call for room service.

The only thing that would have been better is if you could order room service right from the TV. If I was on vacation I might have never left the room. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have left on my first trip. I probably would have left my room on the second visit.

Thankfully this was a comp room and I didn’t have to pay the $28 wifi/resort fee. The wifi speed on the second visit was pathetic and unusable. (Update: I stayed once since this visit and the wifi was fast, above Starbucks speed. I hope that remains)

SLS Las Vegas Wifi
SLS Las Vegas Wifi

The second time (last week) I stayed at SLS Las Vegas the wifi was working at about 20% of what it did on the first trip (and a couple other visits to the casino). You may have heard that SLS Las Vegas is scaling back a lot of their dining options but I don’t think it ends there.

The wifi and shower felt throttled on the second trip. It felt as if SLS Las Vegas is trying to cut down on water and wifi expenses. I could be wrong but that’s how it felt. I was told that this isn’t the case but I’m sure that’s just employees towing the company line.

The water pressure and wifi on the first visit were the best I’ve experienced in a long time and really excited me about staying at SLS Las Vegas. On this past trip they were among the worst.


As you can probably tell I loved hotel room at SLS Las Vegas on my first visit. The King Superior room was the kind of room I could feel comfortable in. The bed, pillows, TV, shower pressure and wifi were great. On my most recent visit I didn’t find such comfort. The Double beds were small, the wifi crawled and the water pressure was slightly better than someone spitting on me.

If you’re alone or with one person that you’ll share a bed with the King rooms are excellent. If you’re with someone who you don’t want to share a bed with the Double room is okay but not great. If you’re with 3+ people you want to book a suite or look elsewhere.


I just spent the weekend at SLS Las Vegas with some friends and we all had a great time. They each loved the King Superior rooms. Since this was a fun trip (no work) the pathetic in room wifi wasn’t much of an issue. I did notice that the wifi on the casino floor is super fast. If you have to work, you’ll just have to do so at Perq, the coffee shop.

Not room related: We reserved a booth for 8 people to watch Thursday Night Football at Umami Burger but decided to move to a table and couch. There was no minimum spend, unlike Lagasse’s Stadium. Everyone enjoyed the experience and having reserved seating was perfect for a large group.


  1. CathJones18

    So, is there only one King room? I’m left with the impression that a King room is something like the President Suite at smaller hotels. I also checked it on Hotels in Las Vegas and the double room is a lot cheaper than the King room. Is it actually worth it? And do you think that the WiFi issue was just an accident or is it always that way?

    • MeltzVegas

      There are 3 towers and a variety of King sized rooms. I was in the World Tower. They’re all listed with room sizes on their website. As I mentioned I’d never stay in the double rooms (it was $10 different when I last looked). As I mentioned the wifi was good once and bad once. I’ll be there next week to check again. I’ll probably tweet results of the speedtest.

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