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Reaching The End of Vegas

Las Vegas is much bigger than the strip. Believe it or not. As curious as I may be, I’m not much of the exploring type. When the weather turned to windows down driving weather I went for a drive to explore the burbs where I live in Vegas.

On this beautiful day I drove by a slew of golf courses and found Rampart Casino while I enjoyed a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Mid-drive I found a road and part of Las Vegas that wasn’t finished.

The road above was clearly meant to go straight towards the mountains and through a community, but neither the community or road were finished. Instead of building the road through vacant land to be build on when there housing market improves, like you’ll see across Vegas, the road was just curved to go into an area already build.

The road and vacant land is kind of surreal in a post apocalyptic way, but I guess this is what happens when the money stops.

As a city guy this is an area I’ll never go to when it’s dark. I don’t like the complete darkness. If you’re ever in Summerlin, near Red Rock Casino this road is just past the casino towards the mountains. It’s worth the 5 minute drive for the experience, especially if you’re from a big city.

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  1. the line going across makes it look like the curved part of the road isn’t real and is instead a painting on the side of a mountain, like in those old Road Runner cartoons.

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