I Lost $2,300 Because Covers Scammed Me

Over the weekend a reader emailed me to let me know he was scammed by Covers.com and BetEd. He asked me to pass the information on as a caution to others. Here’s his note:

I lost $2,300 becauses Covers scammed me through BetEd.

Now here’s another example of what the crooks did recently: http://bit.ly/HzlOuo

People need to know all the terrible things Covers does, how they take advantage of those who don’t know better.

PLEASE, write an article to warn people about them.


Online sports betting has a bad reputation and there has been talk about this in forums for a while now. The article referenced above discusses more about Covers.com business practices.

Commission Junction, North America’s largest advertising affiliate network, has issued a warning to affiliates that it has deactivated the account belonging to Covers Experts, the handicapping arm of sports betting info site Covers.com. Affiliates were informed that they would no longer receive commissions for traffic driven to the site via Covers’ banners, text links and/or other link types, and suggested that affiliates replace these links with those of active advertisers as soon as possible.

I don’t have first hand experience with Covers.com in either of these manners. For full disclosure I’ve been using Covers.com content for a while now. When I was doing Free Picks and Fun, I used to share some of their free picks because they were written by legitimate handicappers. While I used affiliate sportsbooks I didn’t link with covers.com since the idea behind the site was free picks not “here’s a free pick, but you can buy more.”

I also reference their statistics pretty often. I use trend data when I bet, and they have useful information that’s easy and quick to digest.

I don’t know if Covers.com are scammers or if they’re legit and these stories are anomalies, but I thought this was something important enough to share as a warning. Bottom line: Always be careful with your money and watch where you’re putting it.

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