I Found The Best Burger In Downtown Vegas…In A Pizza Joint

Burrata Burger and Garlic Fries at Pizza Rock
Burrata Burger and Garlic Fries at Pizza Rock

There are a few people in Vegas that I follow on twitter that share similar tastes in food as I do. When it comes to burgers there’s really one person I listen to and that’s @Vegasburger, Erik from Vegas Burger Blog. He hit the mark on every place I visited that he recommended last year in his 8 Great Burgers in Las Vegas blog post (on AC2LV). We don’t agree on everything but when he gets excited I do to.

His excitement for the burger at Pizza Rock made me drop everything the next day and head to Downtown Grand (Of course I stopped in the casino) and Pizza Rock.

The Burrata Burger was EASILY the best burger I’ve had in Downtown Vegas and one of the best new burgers I’ve eaten in Las Vegas in the past year.

The Burrata burger is American Kobe Beef, Burrata Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Arugula, Balsamic Reduction. I got my burger sans onions. The burger comes with a side of super crisp french fries topped with crazy garlic and was $13.50 minus a 15% discount for a) being local or b) foursquare check in. This is a bit pricey for Downtown Vegas but would cost $18 for the burger alone on the Vegas Strip.

I could taste each element on the burger on every bite. The bacon was crisp enough to be good but not too crispy to break apart in one bite. Generally, I think grinding kobe beef is silly but the beef made for a delicious burger and brought everything together. Even the bun had its own flavor. Damn, writing about this makes me want one for lunch. 

I’m a New Yorker and never think highly of Las Vegas pizza but I enjoyed the pizza at Pizza Rock. It’s not the pizza I grew up with but was good and made with fresh ingredients. For comparison, I love the pizza but the burger at Pizza Rock is about 1000% better.

I love the burger, like the food, enjoy the rock jams and consider Pizza Rock my newest crush in Downtown Vegas. 

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