Best Cheap Blackjack On The Vegas Strip

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There are about as many good cheap blackjack games on the Vegas Strip as you might have expected. In other words, there aren’t many. Where you do find good cheap blackjack you should expect that there are only one or two of these tables at most of the casinos listed below. They should be easy to spot since you’ll probably see a large crowd at these tables so you might have to wait for a seat.

For simplicity, I’m using $15 as the cut off for cheap blackjack and just listing the house edge of the games. I’m also listing the casinos alphabetically, and not by the smallest house edge. You can see the full survey here. The list is great and has information on all blackjack at every casino in Las Vegas.

Bally’s – House Edge: 0.57
Caesars Palace – House Edge: 0.57
The Cromwell – House Edge: 0.57
Excalibur – House Edge: 0.66
Flamingo (and Margaritaville) – House Edge: 0.57
The Linq – House Edge: 0.57
Harrah’s – House Edge: 0.55
New York – New York – House Edge: 0.48
Paris – House Edge: 0.57
Planet Hollywood – House Edge: 0.57
SLS Las Vegas – House Edge: 0.48
Treasure Island – House Edge: 0.46 and 0.48
Tropicana – House Edge: 0.57

Updated: March 10, 2017

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  1. Jonesy55

    I play $10 blackjack at the Mirage every time I’m in town. Even weekends. Early morning weekdays you can sometimes see a $5 table.

    • MeltzVegas

      If you care about odds, make sure you check the rules of the games. Last year I saw that different tables in the same area had different rules.

    • Marvin Miller

      Thanks, Jonesy….I’ve never noticed $10 blackjack tables at the Mirage…need to slow down on the drinks. LOL
      Thanks, Marc….very insightful article.

      • MeltzVegas

        You’re welcome. Thanks for the kind words! The $10 tables I played were near the poker room. There was a mix of CSM & Shoe’s. We played both at different times of the night.

  2. Great list. Was going to compile something similar, but you saved me the trouble. I know that $5 tables crop up at some of these occasionally. I’ll let you know if I find any when I’m stumbling around the strip this weekend.

    • MeltzVegas

      I got your back, Jack. I just used the Wizard of Vegas survey. I don’t have patience to check for all this info.

      • This past weekend I saw $5 tables at the Luxor and Excal on Friday and Saturday morning into the early afternoon. Also saw a few $10 3:2 tables at the Luxor.

        • MeltzVegas

          Thanks for the update!

  3. LVBigBear

    Riv has $1.00 BJ, Circus Circus has $2.00 BJ and Hooters has $3.00 BJ… don’t know the house advantage but when you factor in the comp beverages,,, its a good night out on the cheap.

    • MeltzVegas

      Thanks. Fun is huge!

      The Riv is 6:5 and closing soon
      Hooters isn’t on the strip.
      CC is mentioned above.

      Like you said, whatever the odds…as long as you’re having fun.

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