Summer Vacation 

I’ve been planning my summer vacation for a couple weeks now. If you’ve been reading my work at Covers, you probably already know this. If you missed the first installment of vacation prep, you can read it here. I believe there are still 2 installments to be posted.

Well, it’s time for my Vegas Vacation!

Vegas Vacation (1997) Trailer

Where the hell is the damn dam tour?

“Vegas Vacation” is only $5 on DVD on Amazon!

I’d like to make this as close to a real vacation so I’ll be trying to stay away from my laptop most of the week. I’ll be on Twitter sporadically and will share photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram as time allows. My phone is near death and snapchat kills my battery, so I’ll only be using that when I’m near a place where I can charge quickly.

If you want to keep up on my work for the week, check the “find my work” links to the left. On a related note, I’ll fix the formatting of the site when I return.

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