Super Bowl XLVII Breaks Casino Records

Super Bowl XLVII (or is that Big Game XLVII?) broke records in the Nevada sportsbooks this year for the most money wagered on a game.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced bettors wagered $98,936,798 on the 2013 Super Bowl, the most in the history of the state. This year’s game easily surpassed the $93,067,358 bet on the 2006 Super Bowl when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10.

Sports books held 7.3 percent of the total handle, calculating to a win of $7,206,460. That’s the most since the 2007 Super Bowl, when Nevada made $12,930,175 on the Indianapolis Colts 29-17 victory against the Chicago Bears.

Sportsbooks also made more money than sports bettors. This should come as no surprise since they sportsbooks made money on 16 of the last 18 Super Bowls. Hey, it’s their job to make more money than gamblers.

The game itself was fun to watch and I had proposition bets alive until the end of the game. Alas my action was split (I was 2 and 2) and I contributed to the sportsbook fund. Since sports betting makes up less than 2% of all casino gaming revenues I’m happy to help keep the lights on…for a little while. With the new technology and increased popularity in proposition bets you can rest assure that casinos will continue to make more money on the Super Bowl in the future.

After enjoying with the fun and chaos of watching the Super Bowl on the Vegas strip last year I decided to stay home so I can actually watch the game. While the game was fun to watch and the Beyonce halftime show was awesome the commercials were lacking. My dudes at The Laugh Button take a look at the few funny Super Bowl ads.

I love football season but I’m happy it’s done. NFL Sunday’s stress me out. Now I have the sportsbooks back to myself. I wrote about upcoming major sporting events for Vegas Chatter today. Besides March Madness the sportsbooks should be relatively tame and that’s how I like it.


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