Bally’s Las Vegas Closes Sportbook

This week Bally’s in Las Vegas closed their sportsbook for the Summer.

Deanna Pettit, a spokeswoman for Bally’s, confirmed the 285-seat sports book’s closure, but she said the move is temporary. The sports book is scheduled to reopen in September.

Pettit wouldn’t elaborate on reasons for the closing, but she said remodeling was not a factor. The sports book will occupy the same spot when it reopens in the fall. For now, the sports book at Paris Las Vegas will do double duty and serve customers of Bally’s. Harrah’s Entertainment owns both resorts.

I’ve never been to Bally’s, but evidently the Paris sportsbook and Bally’s sportsbook aren’t too far away.  Apparently, less than 10 jobs will be lost.  I think more money would be save on electricity than the payroll.

Bally’s in Atlantic City has made similar small closures to parts of the casino.  This is the first move like this that I’ve seen in Las Vegas.  It probably won’t be the last.  I guess every penny saved nowadays is a penny earned.


  1. jmp14

    don’t know where Paris’ book is, but Bally’s was close to the Bally’s end of the inside walkway that connects the two properties. s’where the food court is, too.

  2. Yeah, Ballys sportbook was so remote from the rest of the casino action, way at the end of the shopping promenade, it always seemed like they were treating it as an afterthought. It’s easy enough to treat the two properties as one large one because of that walkway, and just divert customers to the sister property–much like they did when they cut Ballys buffet and told people to just go to Paris’s. Eliminating redundancy is a better way to save money than just cutting more staff willy nilly.

  3. 74Flyers75

    I can not wait for sports betting to come to Delaware. I am going to get into so much trouble.

  4. I bet they’re facing serious competition both from local hotels that cater to the natives and online alternatives that people all over can use at any time. The closure may be temporary, but the winds of change are blowing through the world of gambling establishments!

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