World Series Prop Bets

This is my favorite time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer and baseball season is starting!  The first game of the year is this Sunday.  What better time to make World Series picks?  I don’t tend to make picks at the beginning of the baseball season because the season is so long.  After looking at the pre-season odds I may change my mind.

All odds are courtesy of – where I do all of my online sports gambling.

Arizona Diamondbacks           +1500
Atlanta Braves             +3000
Baltimore Orioles         +8000
Boston Red Sox             +500
Chicago Cubs             +700
Chicago White Sox         +4000
Cincinnati Reds         +5000
Cleveland Indians         +1500
Colorado Rockies         +7500
Detroit Tigers             +2000
Florida Marlins         +3000
Houston Astros             +10000
Kansas City Royals         +8000
Los Angeles Angels         +1200
Los Angeles Dodgers         +1800
Milwaukee Brewers         +5000
Minnesota Twins         +3000
New York Mets             +700
New York Yankees         +350
Oakland Athletics         +4000
Philadelphia Phillies         +1500
Pittsburgh Pirates         +10000
San Diego Padres         +10000
San Francisco Giants         +3000
Seattle Mariners         +8000
St Louis Cardinals         +2500
Tampa Bay Rays             +1200
Texas Rangers             +10000
Toronto Blue Jays         +7500
Washington Nationals         +10000

Betting $100 returns the amount after the “+.”  There are plenty of good returns available.  The favorites such as the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox have a decent return.

There are good returns available for some of the teams that have an outside chance.  Giants and Marlins seem to have great pitching staffs.  The Tampa Bay Rays are 12-1 and last years champs, the Phillies, are 15-1.

All of this is making me reconsider not placing a few small bets before the season starts.  If I decide to make any bets, I’ll update this post this weekend.

UPDATE: I’ve decided not to make any World Series bets.  I need quicker gratification.  I’ll look to the Masters instead.

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