Will Grandissimo Be The New Name Of Las Vegas Club?

Las Vegas Club Casino Downtown Las Vegas
Las Vegas Club

Grandissimo was the name of a hotel and casino that Jay Sarno, founder of Caesars Palace and Circus Circus, was thinking about when he retired. The dream never came to fruition and was over after he passed away in 1984.

Sarno was an interesting man and you can learn more about him in the book Grandissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas: How Jay Sarno Won a Casino Empire, Lost It, and Inspired Modern Las Vegas.

In September Gambling Invest uncovered the following information about the name Grandissimo on the web:

Gambling Invest’s domain monitoring service uncovered that at the end of July, The D Las Vegas casino became the new owner of several “grandissimo” domains, including grandissimo.net, grandissimovegas.com and grandissimolv.com.

…The whois details of the three domain names were updated in July this year when The D Las Vegas casino replaced Dickinson Wright as the listed owners, but Gambling Invest believes that the Michigan law firm had registered the domains on behalf of Derek and Greg Stevens, the Detroit brothers who control The D and that in January 2014, Dickinson Wright helped obtain a trademark for Grandissimo in relation to restaurant, hotel and entertainment services.

If I remember correctly (tough before coffee) Derek Stevens purchased alternate URL names before revealing that Fitzgerald’s would be renamed The D.

These URL purchases don’t mean that Grandissimo will be the new name of Las Vegas Club but it’s entirely possible.

Expect Stevens to address the future of the Las Vegas Club on the next episode of the Vegas Gang podcast which will be recorded live at The D this weekend with Grandissimo author David Schwartz.

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  1. LVBigBear

    Derek got his “D”, now maybe Greg gets his “G”.

    • MeltzVegas

      Haha. Why not!?

  2. gramsclp

    Hate that name-keep it Las Vegas Club for nostalgia sake

  3. Bill B

    Sad site, seeing the Vegas Club closed. Many happy memories staying & playing there. Made some friends there too.
    One lighter moment was watching a guy march up to the casino doors, wait a few seconds for them to automatically open, then attempt manfully to wrench them open.
    He finally peered through the glass & wandered off looking quite crestfallen.

    • MeltzVegas

      Poor fella. 🙂

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