EDGe Vegas Everything Vegas Vegas Rumors: Monte Carlo Name Change, Riviera Bye-Bye

Vegas Rumors: Monte Carlo Name Change, Riviera Bye-Bye

Rumors about Vegas are fun. Especially when they come from good sources and make sense. Here’s a look at a couple of rumors floating around that seem too good not to be true.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Fountains

Monte Carlo Fountains – Already Gone

  • Rumor: Earlier this week Vital Vegas dropped a rumor that the Monte Carlo would be changing its name.
  • Thoughts: This totally makes sense. They’ve de-themed most of the hotel to the point of where it’s so bland the name doesn’t make sense. A new name announcement after construction is complete around the property and shortly before they open the new arena would work nicely. Maybe they’ll renovate the rooms in time for the new arena too.


Riviera Las Vegas

Riviera – Getcha Chips Now

  • Rumor: Riviera has been sold and new owners will close and demolish in favor of something unrelated to gaming.
  • Thoughts: This rumor about the Riviera sounds legit despite rumors about renovations. Despite these mainstream media outlets reporting about $20-$100 million dollar in renovations to the property in recent years the parent company is still having financial problems post bankruptcy. With Resorts World Las Vegas being delayed and SLS Las Vegas having its own problems revitalization of the north end of the Vegas Strip doesn’t look so hot right now.

Both of these are still rumors right now. Both bits of news make too much sense not to happen. We’ll see if they’re true shortly.

Update: 6/16 – Rumors are both finally confirmed. Monte Carlo will become MGM Park and Riviera will be imploded 6/14 and 8/14.

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4 thoughts on “Vegas Rumors: Monte Carlo Name Change, Riviera Bye-Bye”

  1. I hope the rumor of the Riviera closing is false. Vestiges of old Las Vegas are disappearing at a rapid rate, and so are my memories.

    1. I hear you and feel the same. If the Riviera is sold hopefully it will be restored and not destroyed.

      1. Agreed, Marc. My wife and I have been going to Las Vegas for 27 years, having visited Vegas for the first time when we relocated to San Francisco from Orlando (what a drive). We fell in love with this Adult Disney World at that time, and have returned every year since. As you know, a lot has changed over the years….some for the better, some for the worse. Anyway, I love your website and visit it daily…keep up the great work.

        1. Thanks for the kind words! Things are changing so drastically right now. I think it’s both sad and cool at the same time.

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