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Vegas Report – Sunday – The Morning After

Of course I wasn’t able to sleep in again and was awake by 7am.  Since I crashed “early” after the fight I actually got a decent night of sleep.  This wasn’t the morning after I was expecting, but it was now Sunday.  I was up and out to Payards, again, for coffee and a croissant.  For some reason I was extremely messy with my croissant on Sunday.  After cleaning my mess it was time to gamble.

I eased into the day playing my new favorite 1/2/5/10 cent Top Dollar slot machine.  My $20 lasted a little while before it expired.  I also played 8/6 Bonus Poker progressive.  I put $100 in and came out with $8o.  

I finally headed to the sports book.  I needed to make some sports bets.  It never takes me 3 days to get to the sports book.  I looked on Saturday, but the lines were long for the Kentucky Derby.  I bet $55 on the Hawks -5.5.  That was too low of a bet.  I knew this would be a winner, but decided to make a baseball parlay as well.  The bet was a winner and I made $50.  I also made a $50 parlay on the Reds and Cardinals.  The Cardinals game was rained out so I only won $37 there.  Not a bad bet but I could have, and should have, made more.

 I sat at the bar by the sports book and watched the Hawks game while putting back a handful of Kettel and Soda’s.  It was a nice way to ease into the day and I had a great time watching the Hawks continue to expand their lead.  I played more 8/6 Bonus Poker and, again, only lost $20.  Not too shabby.

After cashing my tickets I decided that it was finally time to explore the Forum Shops.  On the way to the shops I lost $20 in a 25 cent Top Dollar slot and won $7 in some kind of 777 slot.  I was so confused as to what was happening that I needed to just cash out.  On to the shops.  I saw the typical high end stores.  There was some kind of of Greek God coming out of the water.  I was digging the cool fish more than the Disney type show.


The ceilings were painted to look like the sky.  Casinos might want to try this since there’s never any sunlight.  Then again, seeing a sky may encourage people to want to go outside. 


We walked to one end of the shops where I was surprised to find a Cheesecake Factory.  I’ve never been, so I was curious.  I was more buzzed than hungry so I ordered the sliders.  I’ve had better.  I didn’t like that the only rest room was on the second floor either.  I’m lazy and impatient and want to go when I want to go.  Cheesecake Factory gets my first failing grade of the trip.  It might not be a fail if not for the great restaurants everywhere else in Las Vegas.

I walked back towards the casino and by the time I got through the people I wasn’t in the mood to explore the other half of the shops.  It’s too bad that I missed the spiral escalator.  Next time.  For now it was back to the casino.

I went back to the $5 Jacks or Better video poker machines and lost $3oo again.  I never have luck like this when I play Jacks or Better.  This is now 2 failed attempts with nothing positive to show for it.  I won that $300 back on the $5 Top Dollar slot machines.  I was up more but got greedy and lost a little.

I decided to head back to the room when I decided to plop down at the $1 Wheel of Fortune slots.  After a few spins I walked away up $100 and then went back for a nap..

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