Vegas Report – Last Night

…Sometimes naps have a good rejuvenating effect and sometimes they just make me more tired.  This nap was somewhere closer to making me more tired.  When I woke up I decided to try to start the engine again and headed to the Diamond Lounge for a nice big drink – a double kettel and soda!  It was damn good.  This time there was a hot buffet and the lounge was packed with people that piled food to the ceiling.

I was disgusted watching people shove food down their faces so I went to the casino to play craps for the first time.  About 2 hours later I was down $400.  I was never up and hung around for a while.  I love craps and had a great time.  I only wish I was travelling with someone that played so I played a little more.

I wandered around for a little while, kind of in a daze, and sat down, again, at the 1/2/5/10 cent Top Dollar slot.  I plowed through $100 in minutes.  I think I only sat down because it was familiar.

I was couldn’t find anyone I knew so I decided to go to the Augustus Cafe for a little dinner.  I had another grilled cheese and chocolate chip shake.  Again, it was pretty good but didn’t really give me the boost I was looking for.  The one place I haven’t visited yet was next on the agenda.

I took a nice walk over to Planet Hollywood casino.  It was ROCKING!  This is one of my favorite casinos and I think a highly underrated casino.  I dropped a $20 into one of those giant Wheel Of Fortune machines that I’m a sucker for.


After I played through my $20 I walked around and noticed that PH is another place that added go-go dancers to their pits.  This is now the 3rd place I’ve seen go-go dancing at the tables.  I don’t mind scantily clad women gyrating, but the casinos use the dancers to distract from games with lesser odds.  In this case it was 6:5 blackjack.  I went to the heart bar for a drink and decided to lose another $20 in a video poker machine.  I’m not even sure which game I was playing.  There were lots of hot girls and I didn’t really pay attention to the game.

I have a short attention span and the rest of the trip must have caught up to me.  I headed back to Caesars Palace after that one drink.  In the couple of hours I was at Planet Hollywood Caesars did a complete 180.  CP was now rocking!  I was pooped and not in the mood to gamble any more (GASP!).  As I headed back to the room I won another $75 in the $1 Wheel Of Fortune slot machine.  After I win I head back to the room and crash….hard…for one last night in Vegas.  A sad way to go out as Monday is my last day in Las Vegas…