Use A Blackjack Strategy Card At The Table

Blackjack Strategy Card
Blackjack Strategy Card


A couple of weeks ago I played a little blackjack with Mark from the 360 Vegas podcast at The D in Downtown Vegas. We had a blast and I had my first winning blackjack session in far too long. My level of perfection with blackjack strategy is about 90%-95% accurate. It’s not perfect but good enough for me.

Mark used a blackjack strategy card as a reference every time he wasn’t sure what the right play was. I haven’t seen someone use a blackjack strategy card in a casino in a while and that’s silly. Blackjack strategy cards are legal to use at the table and cost less than $5 whether you buy in a casino or via amazon (links below).

$5 for blackjack strategy card is a small investment that you should recoup in your first session or two of blackjack, even if you’re playing at a $5 table. Over time you should learn the correct plays without having to use the card. This is a great item to keep on hand in Vegas if you’re unsure how to play blackjack perfectly or you’re drinking a few too many to think straight this comes in handy.

Over time it may not matter mathematically if you or others at the blackjack table play with perfect strategy but in the moment making the wrong play stinks when you lose. Making the wrong play also makes other players cranky.

Gambling should be fun. Don’t make people cranky.

Buy on Amazon
Single Blackjack Strategy Card (4/6/8 decks) – $2.67
Set of 6 Blackjack Strategy Cards (different rules) – $12.78

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  1. KJ

    Just remember that different variations (whether you can resplit or not, whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17) will have different perfect strategies. And many casinos sell a different version of the card in their gift shops than what is required at the majority of their tables.

    • MeltzVegas

      Good point. That’s why I linked to the multi-pack too. Can never be too prepared.

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