Twitter Board At The Mirage

When I was at The Mirage last week to check out their renovated sportsbook (see pictures and review on Vegas Chatter) I noticed that the video display opposite the check in desk had a scroll of tweets that mention the hotel. The display isn’t dedicated to twitter but the screen scrolls for about as long as the commercials for other things to do on property. I’m on twitter all day so seeing my tweets from checking in and my pictures on display was pretty cool.

This may not seem as cutting edge to me today as it would have 3 years ago but twitter is still new to many people. This is still something new and different in casino marketing as I’ve never seen this done elsewhere. The delay is such that if you check in on foursquare when you get out of your car or cab you should see your name while waiting in line to check in to the hotel. This isn’t something that will make or break anyone’s hotel stay but it’s always nice to see your name in lights. Kudo’s to @TheMirageLV for doing something different.

PS: My “Where Am I?” question on my checkin was because this was my first time self parking at The Mirage and I had no idea where I was. I didn’t realize that the garage was connected to the casino by a walkway.

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