EDGe Vegas Gamble March Madness In Las Vegas Is Better Than The Super Bowl

March Madness In Las Vegas Is Better Than The Super Bowl

Florida Gulf Coast International Dunk

Dunk City

I’ve loved March Madness for years but this year I’ve spent much less time watching college basketball. In fact, I didn’t watch a single NCAA basketball game this year. I was looking forward to the NCAA basketball tournament less then I have in years.

Times changes things everyone and everything. I thought my time with the March Madness had passed but it hasn’t…it’s changed. I don’t think I’ll ever care much about the regular season of college basketball but March Madness is something entirely different.

March Madness in Las Vegas is bigger and better than the Super Bowl.

I don’t care about sportsbook handles, revenue or facts on whether or not this, financially, is true. I know what I see. The vibe in the sportsbooks is great for the Super Bowl but it cannot match the intensity of March Madness.¬†First of all college basketball fans are, generally, younger than NFL fans. Second, there is much more action to watch and to bet.

The first weekend of March Madness has 16 games on both Thursday and Friday with as many as four games on at once. When half the teams are eliminated there are still 8 games on Saturday and Sunday with 3 (maybe 4) happening at once. At the same time ¬†there may be some NBA or NHL games on smaller TV’s in the sportsbook.

The Super Bowl is one game with no competition. The crowd in Vegas for the Super Bowl is a little older and more subdued. After this weekend I realize that Vegas is what keeps me interested in March Madness. The first weekend of March Madness is now the single best time for the sports fan to visit Las Vegas.

Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the many reasons so many people love sports. The story is great and dunks like this one would have broken twitter last year. Thankfully twitter doesn’t break down as much. This dunk made me jump out of my seat.

Photo: USA Today

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