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Travel Fashion Trend

There was a day where men and women dressed up for their flights.  There was also a time where they dressed up for a baseball game.  I get it, things have changed and I’m fine with that.  I’m not sure when this became the norm, but on my recent trips I’ve noticed almost every guy under 30 wearing a basketball shorts and flip flops.  This is a little more personal than the last travel trend I noticed.

I’m all for comfort, but I never noticed guys dressing down this much to fly before. Girls were probably dressed similarly, but I’ve noticed Juicy sweats for a while so this hasn’t stood out. I guess guys are catching up (down?) to the ladies.

There is no hate here.  This is just something I noticed.  For what it’s worth my dress for flight is a small step above this.  My “airplane outfit” of my favorite green golf shirt and cargo shorts with plastic zipper so there are no issues at security.  My friends call the shorts my carry-on, since I can fit everything I need for a flight in my pockets.

As I said before, I’m not speaking down about this, I’m just noticing a trend.  How do you dress for a flight?

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5 thoughts on “Travel Fashion Trend”

  1. probably has something to do with all the crap they make us go through at Security. flip flops come off quick and go back on quick. i’d never do it, but I understand why some would.

  2. I wear loose fitting pants, usually cotton, slip on shoes that can be removed easily and a comfortable shirt. I tend to layer in case I get hot/cold so it might be something like a plain fitted T shirt with a sweater or cardigan over the top. I will occasionally wear sweat pants but never with anything printed on the ass. I like to be comfortable when I travel but I don’t want to show up looking like a scrub.

  3. JMP, “that crap” is to keep us safe. I’m ok with that.

    Em, I’m with you on the bare feet in an airport. Nasty! I imagine these are the same people that walk through casinos w/o shoes. Almost as nasty. Haha.

  4. it’s crap b/c the tsa screeners are mostly idiots and everything we go through now is totally reactive and not pro-active. one guy makes a shoe bomb and now we all have to take off our shoes. another figures out how to make a bomb from liquids and now we have to put fluids in 1 ounce bottles and put those bottles in a baggie.

    we need to do what they do in Israel and have people watching passengers for tell-tale signs that they’re up to no good. i’ll get off my soapbox now.

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