Stratosphere or Hilton…Who Would You Kill?

I was reading this article about Goldman Sachs denying that they’re foreclosing on the Las Vegas Hilton in order to keep the Stratosphere alive and I got to thinking which of these casinos would I rather see go away.

The Hilton “speculates that Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. may have orchestrated events to favor its interests in the Stratosphere to the detriment of the Las Vegas Hilton, but does not offer a single fact to support those suspicions,” Goldman Sachs’ filing said.

I’ve recently visited both casinos and have mixed feelings. First of all, I think both the Strat and Hilton are going away sometime soon. I thought that Station would take over the Hilton because they share financial backers (Colony Capital), but I’ve recently learned that Colony and Station aren’t interested in the Hilton.

Anyway, the while visiting the Hilton it felt big, old and dirty. That sportsbook was only passable because it was so big. Still it was dark and dirty. Meanwhile, the Strat has been recently remodeled and the casino looks pretty fresh and the room I saw was clean. It would be a shame to see that cleanliness go away.

Neither of these casinos will ever play a part of my life because of their location and independence from the rest of the strip. Neither seem to have much of a future and I don’t think saving one versus the other makes much of a difference in my life.

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  1. If I had to choose, I’d kill the Hilton too. The only redeemable feature of the Hilton used to be the Star Trek Experience. Once they closed that, there was nothing left worth going there for. At least the Stratosphere has the amazing 360 degree view of Vegas and all those crazy rides in its favor, and as you say, has recently been spruced up a bit.

  2. JMP

    Why would you kill the casino/hotel that’s right next to the convention center? Tough choice but I’d have to vote ‘Strat’.

  3. Marc

    JMP, Sands Expo center is taking a lot of the convention business from the LVCC. The thinking may be that most biz will eventually go elsewhere.

    Gray, I like when people agree with me. 🙂

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