Still Kickin, Just Not Here

SLS Las Vegas Carpet
SLS Las Vegas Carpet


I used to update this blog daily or semi-daily but that hasn’t happened lately. You’ve probably noticed that updates have been few and far between. EDGe Vegas isn’t going anywhere but I’ve been given the chance to contribute more to other websites lately so I’ve been focused on them.

Here’s when and where you can find me on the various websites:

Vegas Chatter – Daily
Travel Vegas – Twice A Week – Once or Twice A Week
Vegas.Buzz – Two or Three Times A Week
Vegas.Ninja – Every now and again

Outside of Vegas I’m contributing sports content to Orlando.Buzz and LosAngeles.Buzz as needed.

Most of what I’m writing elsewhere is fact based information and less commentary since I represent other people. That said, there’s always a piece of me in everything I write.

I have a huge folder with pictures ready for the Vegas Photo Blog and I’ll get to updating that sooner than later. EDGe Vegas will continue shortly as I have some fun things to share but updates will be sporadic.

In the meantime I’ll keep you updated on Vegas happenings, my travels and my work on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Marvin Miller

    I read your articles on the Vegaschatter…very informative, insightful and entertaining. I haven’t heard about the other sites but I’ll check them out. Thanks.

    • MeltzVegas

      Thanks. They’re all a little different.

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