Stay Away From Heart Attack Grill

When I first saw the news about someone dying from a heart attack at Heart Attack Grill I thought it was ironic and slightly funny in a dark way. Last week another unofficial spokesperson for Heart Attack Grill died from a heart attack and I didn’t even want to mention it. Death isn’t very funny.

“He lived a very full life,” said Basso, who seemed shaken when reached by phone Monday evening. “He will be missed.”

The Pennsylvania native is survived by his only family, his brother Paul. Basso said Alleman had a genetic predisposition for cardiac problems, as both of his parents died of heart attacks in their 50s.

Basso recalled Alleman as a fun-loving man who loved the Heart Attack Grill. The medically themed restaurant is famous for its high-fat menu that includes a record-breaking 9,982-calorie, 3-pound Quadruple Bypass Burger. The grill’s slogan is “Taste worth dying for.”

I’m not a healthy eater but this place sounds disgusting from all reviews I’ve heard. I love steak, burgers, beer and vodka. I’d rather have a good quality steak, a gourmet burger, top shelf vodka and craft beer. That’s far from healthy but I prefer quality over quantity. I’d probably prefer both. Who am I kidding? Heart Attack Grill is not quality. It’s just quantity.

There are so many independently owned bars and restaurants in downtown Vegas to spend your money for a quality experience that it’s sad people go to a chain restaurant just to eat poorly when there are better options available.

Later this week I’ll share some tips to enjoy yourself downtown. In the meantime, if you’re in Las Vegas just stay away from the Heart Attack Grill.

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    What are you? Another Liberal,telling us what to do?

    • Marc

      Not a liberal. Not a conservative. But yes, I just told you what to do. 🙂

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