SLS Las Vegas Carpet Is Pretty Awesome

SLS Las Vegas is a highly stylized and designed property. The casino and hotel combine to have some of the most outrageous and intriguing carpeting that you’ll see anywhere in Las Vegas.

Here are 5¬†samples of carpet you’ll find throughout the property. This is only a fraction of what you’ll find throughout )I have¬†are a few more on Facebook).

1. Frank Sinatra – You’ll find this when you enter the hotel from valet. This is awesome.

Frank Sinatra Carpet At SLS Las Vegas
Frank Sinatra

2. Welcome To Las Vegas Postcard – This is located towards the hotel rooms. It’s pretty cool to see a vintage postcard as carpeting.

Welcome To Las Vegas Vintage Postcard Carpet at SLS Las Vegas
Welcome To Las Vegas

3. 26th Floor – This is just general hotel hallway carpeting. It’s not what you’d normally see on the floor of a casino hotel.

26th Floor Carpet At SLS Las Vegas
26th Floor Carpet

4. Hey There – This is located in the valet entrance near Sinatra.

SLS Las Vegas Casino Carpet
Hey There

5. Horsie! – This giant horse is located just outside of the Congo conference room. It’s an interesting design touch to continue random ideas all the way into the conference area.

Horse Carpet at SLS Las Vegas
Hey Horsie

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  1. Marting

    Nice blog post it is.I love the way of carpet they have use in the casino as red colored.

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