Potential Future Sites For Station Casinos

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Station Casinos owns a lot of land all over Las Vegas. Eventually they’ll use at least one of these plots of land to build to build a new casino.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal these are areas of land Station Casinos will still own to develop a casino.

  • 70 acre site near the intersection of Durango Road and the 215 Beltway

  • 58 acres near the intersection of Flamingo Road and the 215 Beltway

  • 45 acres on Via Inspirada near Bicentennial Parkway in Henderson

  • 30 acres at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Oakey Boulevard

  • 76 acres adjacent to the Wild Wild West, which is on a 20-acre site near Tropicana Boulevard and I-15.

There are no plans to develop a new casino or to expand the Wild Wild West property but it’s interesting to see that Station Casinos has a good amount of land all over Vegas. Despite possible traffic congestion in some of the areas each location is fairly easily accessible.

Station Casinos is selling land that they own that’s south of South Point. That’s farther away from the Vegas Strip than South Point and towards California. I live on the opposite side of Vegas and think that this land would better used for a mall than a casino (since I’ll never go out there).

If I had to choose the location of a new project I would like to see Wild Wild West expanded. The location would be good for tourists and accessible for locals who want to be near the Vegas Strip.

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  1. Marvin Miller

    I agree that it would be in the Station’s best interests to build a resort/casino as close to the strip as possible. I love the Red Rock and GVR, and I believe that the Stations have a winning formula that would generate a lot of tourist/gambling traffic. IMO, this move would be a winner. Thanks.

    • MeltzVegas

      I like when people agree with me. 🙂

      I’m not sure what would make sense for their company but that’s what I’d like.

      • Oliver

        Vegas is due for an adjacent strip casino like Rio, but with a rooftop pool like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore… THAT would be one hell of a view!

        Gotta think Durango Station is high on their list too, though… Probably cheaper for them to build out… I hope they start building while the economy’s good.

        • MeltzVegas

          That sounds like a great idea! I haven’t heard rumblings about building. Maybe we’ll hear something after they raise money from the rumored IPO next year.

  2. Chris Bey Holguin

    that would bring more hope if they decide to build

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