Odds Are You’re Going To Lose If You Bet On The Super Bowl

I love stats but I try not to get too caught up in the minutia of a lot of the monthly and annual gaming data that’s available. However when someone does the heavy lifting for me and makes it easy to digest I can dig it.

Sports Memo put together annual gaming information on the Super Bowl from the Nevada Gaming Commission. Nevada have won more money than bettors 16 of the past 18 years. Yowza!

Super Bowl Data

The only games where the sportsbooks didn’t win were 2008 when the New York Giants defeated the unbeaten New England Patriots and in 1995 when the San Francisco 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers.

This isn’t really surprising since most of the money bet on the Super Bowl is from people that don’t normally bet or pay too much attention to betting during the NFL season.

The Super Bowl is no different than any other time you gamble; it should be for fun and with money you can afford. With this kind of history you should expect to lose if you’re placing any money on the Super Bowl. Have fun and be safe with your money.


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  1. paris87

    I find it really interesting if you charted the superbowl handle against recessionary periods they match up. I mean it’s sort of a no-brainer but still always nice to see easy correlations. I guess things are on the up and up economically…

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