M Resort – Las Vegas’ Newest Shining Star

There has been a lot of hoopla over the opening of M Resort, located at the south end of the Las Vegas strip.  Vegas Rex too a walk through the casino on opening night.

My first impression from afar is that I like the new modern design of M Resort.  To no surprise there were a TON of people walking around for opening night.  With that being said, I didn’t see many gambling.

Hunter from Rate Vegas reported back that the Video Poker pay tables he found were 8/6.  For a detailed account of his visit head over to Two Way Hard Three.

***UPDATE: Most JoB machines seem to be 8/6 in all denominations.  Blackjack pays 6:5 except in the salon where it pays 3:2.  Salon table minimums are $50.  Goodbye M Resort.  I hardly knew yee.

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  1. jmp14

    vegasrex’s review should be mandatory reading. I don’t want to steal his thunder, but it should be noted here that the blackjack pays 6:5 for a natural, even at the $25 tables.

    I find this doubly odd now that I hear the JoB is 8/6. I’m assuming you meant to say JoB when you said ‘video poker’, am I right?

  2. admin

    JMP Good eye. Yes, I meant JoB. I’ll update that. Sometimes the fingers don’t type what the mind tells them to. 🙂

    6:5 payout for Blackjack is ridiculous. 6:5 Blackjack payouts are usually single deck. I’ll look into that and report back what I find out.


  3. admin

    JMP – Hunter from Rate Vegas says he doesn’t know if *all* of the tables were 6:5, but it was quite a bit at least. He is pretty accurate and balanced with his reports.

    That’s crazy. Who would play Blackjack there?

  4. jmp14

    starting to seem par for the course with respect to Strip casinos: if a place has decent blackjack, the VP is lousy and vice versa. Seems to be changing up on the north part of the Strip. I’m not a Vegas expert by any means, but I generally know that MGM properties are good for 21, but not VP (at least at lower denominations) and HET, for all the bashing for it’s poor 21, usually has 8/5 JoB around. At least they did a couple years ago.

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