Las Vegas Steakhouses I’ve Conquered

Emeril's Knife At Del Frisco At Venetian
Emeril’s Knife At Del Frisco’s

I love steak and eat it pretty often. Last week I listed the top 5 steakhouses that I’ve eaten at this year on Vegas Chatter. I did the same last year. Sure I can have an all-time top 5 steakhouse list but there is only so much steak one can eat in a year and chefs and other restaurant staff change often in Las Vegas that I’m not sure that really makes much sense. I can’t say that an experience I had two years ago at CarneVino will be the same today. That could be unfair to the restaurant and not accurate to you.

Here’s a list of the steakhouses I’ve conquered in my time in Las Vegas. I’ve reviewed most of these on other websites and will share brief thoughts (thumbs up or down) after I’ve completed my hit list of steakhouses. I’ve, obviously, been to some of these more recently than others and some have closed.

  • Anthony’s
  • Bazaar Meat (not really a steakhouse)
  • BLT Steak
  • Botero
  • Brand
  • Carne Vino
  • Charlie Palmer
  • Cut
  • Del Frisco’s
  • Delmonico
  • The Flame
  • Galhager’s
  • Golden Steer
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak
  • Heritage
  • Morels
  • Nero (closed)
  • N9NE
  • Oscar’s
  • Palm
  • Prime
  • Roberts (closed)
  • Smith & Wollensky
  • Stack
  • The Steakhouse (Circus Circus)
  • Strip Steak
  • Strip House
  • SW

As you can see I’ve been to a lot of steakhouses in Las Vegas. The list of steakhouses I want to try is running low and I’m looking for new ideas. Leave a comment with any new placed I should try, and why.

I’ll share the few steakhouses still on my hit list later this week and will add any that you recommend that I’m interested in (I.e. I’m not interested in STK and you won’t change my mind).

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    • Marc

      Thanks Ryan, that’s #1 on the to-do list! I’ve only heard great things and can’t believe I’ve waited this long to go there.

  1. Eric

    Stack at Mirage was excellent. Bacon & brie stuffed tater tots….mmmmm…..tater tots…..

    • Marc

      Thanks Eric! I always forget about this place. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve heard that the tots are better than the steak.

  2. Jason

    Twin Creeks at silverton or Tjs at lvh

    • Jason

      Also, what’s the deal with STK ?

      • Marc

        Jason, thanks for the recommendations. I’ve only heard one person say that the food at STK is great and I’ve been told that I wouldn’t like the atmosphere (DJ & Close seating).

  3. girlygirl

    If you asked my soon-to-be husband, the best would be Craftsteak. Every time we have been there, the steak (he says) has been incredible. Their only flaw is the dull steak knives. I tease him about getting him his own custom steak knife in a little case just for such occasions.

    • Marc

      GG, Thanks for the recommendation. That’s #1 on the list. My steak better be like buttuh. 🙂

  4. Robert

    Maestros was superb!

    • Marc

      Thanks Robert. I’m told the LA location is the best steak in town. I may have to bump that ahead of CraftSteak.

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