EDGe Vegas Everything Vegas Las Vegas On Travel Channel All Day Tuesday

Las Vegas On Travel Channel All Day Tuesday

I was listening to the Five Hundy By Midnight podcast a couple weeks ago and they gave a heads up that Travel Channel will be having an all Las Vegas day on Tuesday December 27. Well, that day is here. If you’re off it will give you some background noise. If you haven’t seen the 20 year old programs before you can TiVo the shows and see what you’ve missed over the past 20 years.

Of course, you’re better off watching the former NBC show “Las Vegas” which is on TNT twice daily and also available on Amazon if you really need access to every episode at all times.

Las Vegas TV Show

Las Vegas TV Show

Strangely enough you can’t watch “Las Vegas” on the, otherwise, awesome TNT app. Below is a small scale schedule of the Travel Channel programming. Head to your TV or Travel Channel website for more info.

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  1. they need to run disclaimers before all those shows on comps stating that most/all of the info given there is no longer true.

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