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Is The Linq Even Real?

In August Caesars Entertainment told the world that their new project, The Linq, was supposed to break ground in September. It didn’t. On August 19, I said I would keep quiet about The Linq until construction started. I lied. I’m writing about The Linq.

Since the initial press push in August I haven’t seen or heard anything progress on The Linq. Just for reference, I receive press releases every day from Caesars Entertainment. There’s a lot going, but still, I’ve heard nothing about The Linq from the company and no rumors on my favorite Vegas blogs who seem to know everything.

Today, Vegas Chatter had a post about a potential problem Caesars is running into with the Flamingo Hilton Grand Vacation Club not allowing construction to begin.

A VegasChatter reader, who is also an owner, let us know why we haven’t seen — or heard — a lot about the Linq, despite Caesars’ announcement this summer that groundbreaking would start in the fourth quarter of the year. A goal, now rapidly disappearing.

“Before work can progress an agreement must be reached and voted on by the owners of the timeshare. It seems the timeshare has some sort of life long lease on the parking garage that will be demolished to make way for the Linq.

Hundreds of timeshare owners have to vote and have a 51% majority for the project to proceed. I don’t see that happening.”

I find it very hard to believe that the timeshare owners are holding up Caesars Entertainment from breaking ground on The Linq. I cannot imagine that Caesars did not their diligence and look into this supposed problem before coming up with a $600 million plan.

The Cosmopolitan is a one off casino project that had many issues, including the Jockey Club standing ground and not selling out. A company like Caesars has casinos all over the country and has probably dealt with every possible construction problem that exists in their years building traditional casinos, racinos and partnering to build Native American casinos.

While it may seem I have problems with The Linq I don’t. The concept is perfect. I just don’t know if it’s real and I haven’t seen any proof that it is. The conspiracy theorist inside me says that The Linq is a hoax created for some kind of other corporate gain (like helping their massive debt problems), but I don’t have proof of that so I won’t go there. I’ll go back to being silent on the matter while nothing happens.

Consider this a warning not to poke the bear. 🙂

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