Learn How To Play Shoot To Win Craps

Shoot To Win Craps

Shoot To Win Craps has grown on me over the years. When the game was first introduced it didn’t hold much appeal beyond a way to kill time. Even though I prefer the craps table game, I’m actually beginning to enjoy playing this game.

Shoot To Win Craps is growing in popularity on the casino floor for a couple of reasons. It’s inexpensive to play and it’s less intimidating than stepping up to a craps table.

Younger gamblers (millennials) like the game for both of the reasons above. However, most electronic table game players today are older players looking for a different machine game than slot machines and video poker.

Check out the tutorial below to learn more about Shoot To Win Craps.

Photo: MeltzVegas Instagram

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  1. dverdouw011

    I really enjoy Shoot to Win the min bet is low. However, there is nothing like a the real craps table!

    • MeltzVegas

      Totally agree!

  2. Steve Sorenson

    What turns me off is the 20 second wait for the knucklehead to push the “Button”! I recommend a 5 second timer to “Push the Button!”

    • MeltzVegas

      I hear that!

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