How About A New Year’s Eve Implosion For Riviera?

Riviera Las Vegas

Timing is everything on twitter. I just saw this tweet about the timeline of when the demolition of the Riviera will happen from JD Morris from the Las Vegas Sun and had to share.

There isn’t a date confirmed date for the demolition of the Riviera yet. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority still has to approve any Riviera demolition plan. That might take place at their next meeting later this month.

If the timeline holds true then 6 months from now would be the end of December. A New Year’s Eve implosion would fit that time frame. I think that would be a great way to send of this historic Las Vegas hotel.

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  1. Misslaydj

    I follow you on IG!! Great stuff. Looking for another Vegas blog since Vegas Chatter is gone :-(. I also read vital vegas

    • Marc

      Thanks! I recognize the name. 🙂

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