Gordon Ramsay Is Trying To Kill Me

I think the saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Well Gordon Ramsay fooled me twice and I was in pain and afraid to eat all day Friday because of it. In fact, I couldn’t even finish writing this blog because of the pain.

The story begins last summer when I had a very tasty but fatty New York strip at Gordon Ramsay Steak (GRS) at Paris Las Vegas (see full review at Vegas Chatter). After drinking and gambling for a few hours I ran to the bathroom in pain. I gave GRS the benefit of the doubt on that it didn’t make me sick because I was drinking all night too.

Thursday night I went to the new Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace. My friend said I looked timid when ordering and I was. I kept things simple. I ordered mini burgers, chips and a Magic Hat #9. This isn’t anything that should make anyone sick and a combination I’ve had countless times without repercussion. As soon as dinner was over I thought I felt something bad inside but I made it home fine. Unfortunately I wasn’t fine. I woke up Thursday morning at 4am with pain in my stomach that felt like an alien was trying to escape.

I think Gordon Ramsay is trying to kill me. 

I felt so awful and angry on Friday that I didn’t think it was in anyone’s best interest for me to finish writing a blog bashing and bitching about the two times Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in Las Vegas made me sick. Truth is that they did make me sick and I’m cranky about it.

So, why do I think Gordon Ramsay is trying to kill me? First of all I’ve never read reviews that had people in similar pain eating at multiple Gordon Ramsay restaurants. Second, and more important, the people I dined with made it through their meals relatively unharmed. Third, this feeling hasn’t happened at any other restaurant anywhere in Vegas besides Jack In The Box.

It’s bad enough both places made me sick but both are fairly pricey. Thursday night we had 2 appetizers, 1 side order and 2 drinks for a bill that was $70 after tip. Those are typical Vegas strip prices today for a nice restaurant. My NY Strip at Gordon Ramsay Steak was $65 and dinner was close to $150 per person. This puts the Gordon Ramsay restaurant prices on the higher end of dining in Las Vegas.

I don’t expect to get sick after eating any meal let alone a meal priced at the high end of dining. 

Obviously I will recommend you never eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant unless you like to spend your days close to a toilet bowl.

My conquest for the best burger in Vegas will not include Gordon Ramsay’s Burger joint at Planet Hollywood. Seriously, FTG!

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  1. girlygirl

    I am not doubting your story as there is a certain restaurant in Mpls where I had 2 meals (months apart) and I (and my partner) got sick both times…but maybe you should check on your gallbladder. I have not had my gb out, but I have had problems if I eat really greasy (especially fried) or rich food. The pain is horrendous. And once it starts, there isn’t much you can do except ride it out. Worst stomach ache in my life does not begin to describe it.
    And in case anyone is wondering, the restaurant in Mpls is the Szechuan Star. It closed within a month of the last time I ate there.

    • Marc

      Thanks GG. It may just be a reaction to the spices or fat content at his restaurants. Whatever it is…I don’t like it!

  2. Pete G

    Hi Marc. Its been a VERY long time since we last chatted. Hope you are still enjoying all that is LV.
    Just saw your blog post. Thanks for sharing this experience.

    I do agree with the previous commenter that your Gall Bladder may be acting up. I had the every-few-month, middle-of-the-night bouts of similar pain over a few years. Until one night the pain went over the top. Drove myself to the Emergency Room. Doc told me that I was lucky to get in when I did. (But yelled at me for driving myself) He yanked out the Gall Bladder. Now, my spicy, greasy, rich foods and Red wine have no side effects. (Well, not stomach issues, anyway.)
    As for Gordon Ramsey establishments? I avoid them (and his Ego-Cast shows) for his personality reasons. Too many other better places to dine while in Vegas (or any other city).
    Marc, keep up the great posts.

    • Marc

      Thanks Pete, good to hear from you. I don’t like this gall bladder talk!

      • Pete G

        As my Doc told me, its one of those signs you are getting older. Damn. I hate him for saying it. Hate that it may be true. I hope it ain’t true for you. I think of you as one of the young guys.

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