EDGe Vegas Eat Flippin’ Good Burgers? Yup

Flippin’ Good Burgers? Yup

Flippin' Good Burgers Neon Sign

Flippin’ Good Burgers Neon Sign

I love the neon sign.

I love burgers so it’s surprising that it took me so long to try Flippin’ Good Burgers and Shakes which opened earlier this year. I love a good shake but I think they might need to change the name to Flippin’ Good Burgers and Fries. Perhaps Flippin’ Good Burgers and Dem Fries might be a better name.

The summer was a bit chaotic but I think my schedule has turned the corner to normalcy (as I see it). I’ll be able to find more time to get out of the burbs and try some restaurants again. It feels good to be myself again.

Anyway, let’s get to Flippin’ Good Burgers.

Flippin' Good Burgers and Shakes

No line!

I walked into Flippin’ Good Burgers a few minutes before noon. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the people who work in downtown Vegas weren’t at lunch yet but I was. I often forget how people who work in normal jobs operate. There were a few people eating but the restaurant was mostly quiet until noon.

I waited a few minutes past noon for a friend to show up before ordering. In that time packs of people started to show up. Groups of people were 4-8 people kept popping in but they all seemed to disappear after ordering. Maybe they had orders to go. I wasn’t too concerned with the other people since we had a perfectly located booth and a plan on how not to lose it.

The ordering process was simple, efficient and similar to most quick serve burger restaurants. I asked for a recommendation and was told to get the bacon cheeseburger with two patties. It’s as though she was inside of my head because that’s my go to order for my first visit to a burger restaurant.

I ordered at the counter and a few minutes later (5 or 10) my bacon cheeseburger and fries were delivered. I played it cool but I was a little more than excited for the food.

Flippin' Good Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries

Flippin’ Good Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries

Flippin’ Good says all of its ingredients are fresh. While that’s great you can find that in other good burger restaurants today. Knowing that fact gave me confidence to think that the food would at least be good.

The main thing that separates Flippin Good burgers from other quick serve burger restaurants is that their cut of meat is chuck, brisket and short rib. Even though my burgers were a little overcooked I tasted a different burger than other quick serve burger restaurants.

The other thing that stood out with the burger was the delicious fresh potato bun. It was soft but sturdy and held things together perfectly. These differences may seem small but they’re important to making a good burger. This wasn’t the best burger in downtown Vegas but it was really good and possibly a better value (Less than $6 for a double with bacon).

What really moved the needle for my Flippin’ Good lunch were the fries. Growing up I wasn’t a fry guy but I’ve come across some really good fries in the past year (see Shake Shack review).

The Flippin’ Good fries were fantastic. They’re fresh cut, never frozen potatoes that are fried in cholesterol-free oil. The fries aren’t thick but were full of potato flavor almost like a miniature steak fry. I would go back just for the fries. In fact, next time I think I’ll get an order of fries and a shake.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed my Flippin’ Good double bacon cheese burger and fries. Lunch was $11 (and change) and worth every penny.

For comparison I thought the burger was a little better than Shake Shack and on par with In-N-Out Burger. Lunch was priced a little less than Shake Shack and more than In-N-Out.

I don’t know that I’d go out of my way for Flippin’ Good Burgers but I will happily return when I’m looking for a quick bite in downtown Vegas.

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