Filthy Flamingo Fab Hotel Room

Rusted Faucet In Flamingo Las Vegas Fab Room
Rusted Faucet In Flamingo Fab Room

I’ve stayed at Flamingo a lot over the past few years. I’ve said that I will never return if I have a FAB room. I need to follow through on these kind of statements.

The Flamingo casino isn’t anything special but it’s not too smoky and the gaming usually treats me well. The addition of the Margaritaville casino adds a little brightness to this old casino. The rooms at the Flamingo are hit and miss. The GO rooms are bright and appear to be clean while the FAB rooms are superficially renovated but really just filthy pigs with a quarter of their lips covered with lipstick. You can see a comparison of the two rooms I did on Vegas Chatter.

The FAB sleeping area looks like a cheap hotel room that’s still 10 years behind modern but the awful housekeeping just makes the rooms only appear clean. The rooms are actually never really clean. More on that later. The bathroom in the FAB rooms were never renovated and are falling apart. The sink in the room had a faucet that was rusting (as you can see above) but still working and paint that was peeling on the walls and cabinets. I’ve paid for hotel rooms with worse bathrooms than this comp room but I’ve definitely had cleaner and bathrooms that aren’t falling apart. Here’s half of a room tour video (I deleted the full tour by accident).

Flamingo Las Vegas Fab Executive Queen Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Housekeeping didn’t show up for the first day of my stay at Flamingo. My friend and I were gambling and not sober by the time we returned to the room so it didn’t really matter to us. The next day we left early to make sure that the room was cleaned. It wasn’t. Upon return I verbally spoke with a housekeeper who ensured me that the room was to be cleaned next. It wasn’t. I called the front desk but never got through so I hung up after 5 minutes. I finally called VIP services to ask for help getting our room cleaned and housekeeping showed up in 10 minutes. I’m no longer Total Rewards Diamond so it was very nice of them to help.

Housekeeping at Flamingo was horrible. They basically made the beds and switched out towels. They left half-finished day old drinks and various crumbled up papers in the living quarters and hair trimmings in the bathroom.

Purple Drank

My friend and I were hoping that our combined play would get us an upgrade to a GO room which, for some reason, seem to have housekeepers that do their job. At least they show up with new towels and make the beds without being asked. The upgrade we received was to an executive floor and executive FAB room which has extra room for a couch. Not quite what we were hoping for.

The main reason we stayed at Flamingo was because of the pools but this is the last time I’ll stay at the here. Caesars Entertainment and Total Rewards offer so many free rooms that it’s easy to say yes instead of paying for a quality hotel room. There’s a reason Caesars rooms are free.

I tell others that when it comes to hotel rooms in Vegas you get what you pay for. I need to practice what I preach. 

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