EDGe Vegas Eat Buddy V’s At The Venetian Even Better The Second Time

Buddy V’s At The Venetian Even Better The Second Time

Sunday Gravy At Buddy Vs at Venetian Las Vegas

Sunday Gravy At Buddy Vs

There are always new restaurants to visit in Las Vegas so I rarely visit the same place repeatedly. I checked out Buddy V’s in February and liked it. I liked it enough to say yes when I was invited to dinner at Buddy V’s at The Venetian again this week.

I liked Buddy V’s even more after my second meal. It’s not that the food or service were better but they were equally as good as the first time when I thought:

It was just good and tasted like food that a friend’s grandmother would make.

I don’t always come across mid-range priced restaurants on the Vegas Strip that are consistently good. When I visit mid-tier restaurants the food and service are hit and miss. The experience is sometimes good and sometimes less than stellar.

The service and food were almost exactly equal to my first visit to Buddy V’s. I ordered Sunday Gravy again and the only part of dinner that was different was that we only received one piece of focaccia instead of a basket of bread.

The other difference was the price. Without wine this time dinner was only $35 per person after tip. Dinner for $35 per person is a good deal on the Vegas Strip.

I’ll repeat myself. Buddy V’s went from “I’d return if someone wanted to have Italian but wouldn’t go out of my way” to a place that I will return to and would recommend because it’s constantly good.

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