2 Bears 1 Cave Discuss The Importance Of A Las Vegas Shower

MGM Grand Las Vegas
MGM Grand Las Vegas

The most recent 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast was recorded live in Las Vegas at MGM Grand. The two hosts Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discussed a wide range of topics. There’s one thing that all fans of Las Vegas can understand – the importance of a shower.

While Kreischer was amazed at the tech of the MGM Grand shower, Segura dropped a serious truth bomb. Since this was an audio-only podcast I grabbed text online.

Listen, that is one of the unlike, it is, it is like undervalued how great showers are in Las Vegas when you get to a Las Vegas hotel room. I feel like the shower is part of the experience of being in Las Vegas.

Whenever I review a Las Vegas I try to always point out the power of the shower. Some Las Vegas hotel showers are better than others.

An important part of any trip is being able to power wash the previous day and night of Las Vegas off your body. A strong shower can go a long way toward recovering from a hangover.

I haven’t stayed at MGM Grand in years. I do recall the suite shower being very powerful.

The property also has Vitamin-C showers in the wellness rooms. I’ve been curious about the wellness rooms. Maybe I’ll be able to get a comp room when MGM Rewards takes over Cosmopolitan’s Identity Rewards program later this year.

The last MGM Las Vegas property I stayed at was Park MGM. The bathroom was small and the shower was unmemorable. That’s pretty much the Park MGM hotel experience. The casino and restaurants are the more memorable parts of the property.

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