Sons Of Anarchy Slot Machine Hitting Casinos

Sons of Anarchy Slot Machine
Sons of Anarchy Slot Machine

Sons of Anarchy is a popular TV show. Everything popular gets a slot machine nowadays. This game was introduced by Aristocrat at G2E last year and will begin hitting casinos shortly. The game uses the same cabinet and gameplay is very similar to The Walking Dead slot machine.

I’d be more excited if I watched the show or there was some new technology. I figured I’d share the info because the TV show is so popular. Here are details on the SOA slot machine from the Aristocrat press release.

Anarchy is upon us as FX Network’s Golden Globe® winning “Sons of Anarchy” comes to casinos in Aristocrat’s new Sons of Anarchy™ Slot Game, a new action-packed multi-site progressive game with a chance to win a $500,000+ jackpot and the excitement of Cluster Power, No Limits and Big Symbols – a totally new way to play and win.

Sons of Anarchy Slot Game comes to life in all of the show’s gritty glory, with Jax, Gemma, Clay and all of viewers’ favorite characters from FX’s highest-rated series, creatively weaving the show’s storyline into the game and attracting a wide demographic.

The show’s hard-hitting action is captured perfectly on Aristocrat’s award-winning VERVEhd™ cabinet, with ultra hi-def graphics, 3D panoramic adjustable sound and an ergonomic design that enhances game play. Sons of Anarchy has a 6×5 configuration.

Sons of Anarchy Slot Game is the first to feature Aristocrat’s groundbreaking new Cluster Power™, where winning combinations are formed by connecting the same symbol in clusters across multiple reels. Additionally, the game takes reel growth to the next level by expanding the reel area in any direction during the “No Limits Jackpot” feature.

The exciting No Limits Jackpot feature is awarded when a Big Jackpot Symbol lands and causes the reel area to grow to the size of the Big Jackpot Symbol. Three Big Jackpot Symbols award the Mini progressive; four Big Jackpot Symbols award the minor progressive; five Big Jackpot Symbols award the major progressive; and six Big Jackpot Symbols award the grand progressive.

Adding to the fun, a free games bonus awards anywhere from 10 to 100 free games!

Rolling Stones Slot Machine From Aristocrat

Rolling Stones Slot Machine
Rolling Stones

I didn’t think much of the Rolling Stones slot machine when I saw it next to the Batman TV show slot machine display last year at G2E. It looked cool for someone that liked the Stones but I don’t really like the Stones. The game looked similar to other Aristocrat slot machines which also wasn’t exciting.

That said, the 5.1 speakers and iChair you see on The Walking Dead slot machine should be great for a music slot machine. If you like the Rolling Stones then you should enjoy this game. I’ll hold out on music based slot machines until there’s a Queens Of The Stoneage slot machine.

Check out the Rolling Stones store on Amazon

Press Release with details on the Rolling Stones slot machine are below:

Aristocrat has transformed the game and now unleashes whirlwind of iconic rock, The Rolling Stones™ Slot Machine!

Hot Licks will spill from the Rolling Stones Slot Machine, putting players in the front row with the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band! The themed fascia is instantly recognizable, and the game itself is endlessly entertaining.

Players settle into the immersive iChair and experience 5.1 surround sound while their favorite Stones songs play, and animation on the interactive LCD screen spin and merge into concert footage.

The game begs players to go on a roll with four interactive features with high hit rates:
· In Wild Licks, the Rolling Stones Lick logo randomly appears and licks wilds onto the screen
· In Rock ‘N’ Roll Steel Wheel, players spin to win credits, World Tour Picks or Start Me Up! Free Games
· In World Tour Picks, players pick international Licks for credit prizes; if the player finds all 4 band members they win all prizes and a bonus band member pick
· Seven free games are awarded and played on an 80-line 10×5 reel set on the top screen in Start Me Up! Free Games

Rolling Stones™ is a 40-line game that can be configured for 1c, 2c or 5c denominations, has a low volatility, a minimum bet of 50 credits and a max bet of 250 credits.

Optimized for the VIRIDIAN WS™ feature Top box cabinet, The Rolling Stones Slot Machine will bring satisfaction to your floor.

Expect A Wider Variety Of Slot Machines In The Casino

Walking Dead Slot Machines
Walking Dead

Lost in last week’s dreadful earnings report from earnings report from IGT was this little nugget of information about the slot machine manufacturer losing floor space.

Eilers Research principal Todd Eilers said Tuesday IGT was losing “premium leased” space on casino floors to smaller competitors. In the his company’s recent survey of slot floor managers that he conducts with Fantini Research, IGT faces intense competition from large and small vendors.

“Based on our latest slot survey, we believe Aristocrat (Technologies) took significant market share in the premium leased segment once again in the quarter,” Eilers said. “In addition, smaller vendors continue to chip away at the nonwide area progressive premium leased space.”

No doubt that Aristocrat gained space on casino floors when they released The Walking Dead slot machine. It was easily the most anticipated slot machine in my few years of covering casinos and gaming. That can’t be the only machine taking up space formerly occupied with IGT slot machines.

Besides Buffalo (also Aristocrat) I haven’t noticed any other non-IGT slot machines. Have you?