Love The Cosmo Wrap Around Suites? Live There For $1.3 Million

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Suite
Cosmopolitan Suite

Love the wrap around suites at the Cosmopolitan? Well, you can buy one in the East Tower for a cool mil from Caldwell Banker.

THE ONLY EAST TOWER UNIT FOR SALE! Fabulous panoramic views from Corner Wrap Around Terrace Suite unit, Views Facing South & West. 456 s/f balcony overlooks The Cosmopolitan pools, City Center, Bellagio. Rental Program & Condo-Hotel. Enjoy a Las Vegas Blvd. address at The Cosmopolitan, Platinum status membership, VIP owner privileges.

Unfortunately this condo at the Cosmo faces south and west so you don’t get to see the fountains at Bellagio or anything on the Vegas Strip heading north. In my opinion facing north on the strip is much nicer.

In addition to the lesser view you are low enough where you may hear music from concerts at the Boulevard Pool. Of course, that might also be great. Here’s a tour a wrap around suite facing north.

If you’re looking to live in the middle of the action of the Vegas Strip you might get more bang for your buck at Veer Towers. Unlike a condo at Cosmo, you won’t have a casino right downstairs at Veer. You’ll have to put your shoes on and walk all the way to Aria.

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Encore…Do You Want More?

I’ve spent the past weekend at Encore and I’ve been loving it. I’m loving it so much that I’m going to extend my holiday another day.

Here are some highlights of the weekend.

  • Piero’s
  • SW Steakhouse
  • Encore Suite
  • Encore Casino
  • Wynn Esplanade
  • Table 8
  • Grand Marnier
  • Blondies
  • Monte Cristo cigars
  • Biggest video poker jackpot I’ve ever seen (not mine)

Here are some lowlights

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Under 2nd half 49ers v. Patriots
  • Blackjack

I’ll expand on these later this week, but feel free to enjoy “Encore” by Jay Z in the meantime.

Craps is Awesome and so are Suite Upgrades

Part One of my Vegas Vacation

Getting to the casino floor at Harrah’s was awesome, slow and difficult. At check in I was asked if I wanted a room with a view and if I wanted to wait for it since the rooms with a view weren’t available yet. I don’t really care about having a view, but while pounding away on her keyboard the awesome woman at the desk, again, asked if I wanted to wait – this time for a suite. Yes, I’ll wait for a suite! She didn’t mention if there was a view but since I don’t care about the view I said yes. After a bellman came and took my bags I headed to the Diamond Lounge for a drink. Well, one drink (Stoli n Soda) became four in the time it took for the suite to be ready. No big deal, there was booze and baseball on the TV’s.

I didn’t bother taking pictures or shooting video of the suite since it wasn’t anything special besides being big – 2 rooms big. Only a couple things really stood out besides the size of the suite. 1) It seemed as if there were bodily fluids on the chaise lounge. 2) Overall the room was functional, but it seemed as if the design hadn’t been updated since I was a kid – tube tv’s etc. It was even more out of date than the MGM Grand Bungalo Suite I detailed on Vegas Chatter a few months ago. Whatever, it was a suite!

After settling into the room I headed back to the Diamond Lounge for a couple more drinks. Why not!? Finally…it was time to get busy. I headed to the floor and found a $5 craps table located by the door to Carnival Court. The combination of 100 degree temperature outside and icy air conditioning made me feel like I was in Vegas in the summer. $5 craps seemed like a nice way to ease into a week of gambling. It was my lucky day…there was karaoke at the Piano bar. Nothing like hearing off key Bryan Adams at 6pm.

Hard Six Dice
Hard Six Dice

It was a fairly uneventful session until the end when I was about to be crapped out of $100. However, everything changed when I threw my last $3 on a hard 6. The shooter hit the hard 6 and I was back in the game. I pressed into a $5 hard 6 and he hit it again! I pressed my hard 6 to $10 and threw a $5 hard 6 for the dealers (the boys!)…and he hit it again!

This was amazing as the shooter was hitting points and numbers and of course hard sixes. My side of the table was ROCKING! I’d say 90% of the money on the table was from the four people on my side and 100% of the high fives were from people on my side of the table.

This is why we play craps!

After that last hard six I threw $5 for the shooter and now everyone was in on the action. Unfortunately, the shooter crapped out and he couldn’t collect on his hard six, but it was an awesome roll and my side of the table applauded the shooter. We only wished he was able to hit one more and cash in a little for himself (besides whatever he was placing himself).

So, from the brink of $0 I ended up almost $200! It was time to leave anyway, but it was a perfect time to walk away anyway – things couldn’t get better and I had to get to the Cosmopolitan for Queens of The Stoneage!

I repeat, this is why we play craps!

Queens of the Stoneage
Queens of the Stoneage

Return to The Palazzo

This was a return to Palazzo for me.  Even though I spent one night at Planet Hollywood my main home casino this trip was Palazzo.

I had a good time at Palazzo in December and wanted to relax a little on this trip.  The casino at Palazzo never got too crazy and the environment, in general, was pretty chill so it would make for a nice place to stay.

I also had an offer I couldn’t refuse of three comp nights.  It would be hard to say no.  The rooms are large and comfortable.  Perfect to get away in.

Once again my room/suite didn’t disappoint.  It was clean when I arrived and cleaned daily.  All furnishings were in tip top condition.

I tried the “$20 trick” for the first time and was treated to a high room, near the elevator, with a nice view of the strip.  I’m not normally one to sit by a window and look at the view, but it was nice.  I was more happy to be by the elevator.

more pics on my flickr page

Walking into the room I saw one of my favorite features in the suite – the Master Light Switch.  This controls lights in the bathroom, sleeping and living areas.  It just lessens the amount of lights to turn off/on.  This is a big room!  Not a big deal, but it’s nice to have.

I had the same type of suite as I did in December so I didn’t take many pictures.  You can look at the old flickr gallery to see more.  Having said that, into the bathroom we go.  There was a powerful shower and tub to the left.

The water closet (toilet) is to the right of the bathroom.  I don’t love the high throne and hate that the door automatically slams shut.  I was not sticking my foot in the picture so you could see the toilet. 🙂

The bathroom is huge and set up very nicely.  The only negative is that the water closet door slams shut.

Next up is the sleeping area with huge 42″ HDTV and cool underlit dresser.  Bottle of water not included.

The sleeping area also has a big, comfortable chair to relax and watch TV from.

There are lots more pictures and Palazzo room info after the jump.

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The Palazzo Suite Was Sweet

I stayed at the Palazzo on my last trip to Las Vegas.  This post is only for the room there will be plenty more reviews and info from my trip.

All of the rooms are suites and I had the basic “Palazzo Luxury” suite.  After reading the description of the suite I was stoked for the room.  Here are highlights of the specs:

  • 720 square feet
  • Sleeping area with king sized bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, 42″ HDTV
  • Sunken Living area with L-Shaped sectional sofa (pull out couch), 32″ HDTV, dining area (w/table), work desk w/fax, Strip view, dope ottoman/coffee table
  • Huge bathroom with 20″ TV, separate shower/bath, water closet, vanity, dual sinks, granite counter tops, marble floor

The size of the suite and the amenities are really what set the room apart from other rooms I’ve had in Las Vegas.  Yes there are nicer suites, but for a basic room this is the biggest I’ve seen and one of the nicest.

I’m using thumbnails for the room tour because there are a bunch of pictures and I want to keep this as a giant entry, not a “read more” post.  My digital camera died, so pictures are low-res.  Let’s take the tour!

Upon entry you immediately see how big the room/suite is and that the room is very long.

The bathroom has a grand double door entry that swing out to the main room (left above).

Upon entry to the bathroom you see the detailed marble floor double sinks and granite counter tops.  The bathroom was spotless and streakless – something I don’t always see.

One nice thing was that each day after cleaning the room my toiletries on the sinks were placed onto a new, clean wash cloth.  A nice bit of housekeeping.  (Not shown: a mirror above the sink and TV is in the upper right corner.)

The left side of the bathroom had the shower, tub and mirror.  Big soaking tub which I didn’t use and a decent sized all glass shower.  Nothing wrong with watching TV while showering, right?  I noticed one odd design element; the bath faucet was where you would rest your head to watch TV.  That seems awkward.

The right side of the bathroom had a vanity (not shown), water closet and TV.  The water closet was dark and the door shut automatically.  I didn’t like that the door closed me in.  When I’m alone in a giant bathroom I like to enjoy the space – not feel like I’m trapped in a closet.   The toilet was high and had a strong flush.  Another slight negative here is the phone in the water closet.  This may have been a “luxury” item in the 80’s, but their now unsanitary and kind of nasty.

You can see the 20″ TV in the far corner.  TV’s in a bathroom rule.  I definitely had all 3 TV’s on at the same time.  Is that a waste?

The bathroom was nicely designed, clean and spacious.  After passing the bathroom you hit the sleeping area which is highlighted by by a 42″ HDTV, the largest of the TV’s in the suite.

The Palazzo Luxury Suite had a king sized bed so there was plenty of room in the sleeping area.  The Bella suite features two queen sized beds in the same area to give you an idea of how much room I had.

I didn’t spend much time in the bed, but I slept great for a few hours every night.  The closet had a nice surprise inside – a couple of robes.  I used one as a snuggie while nursing a hangover one morning (Not to ever be shown).

At the end of the bed there was a bench to sit while getting dressed.  The velvet covering made things nice n comfy and was used a couple of times daily. Continue reading “The Palazzo Suite Was Sweet”

Vegas Report – Thursday – Palace Tower Petite Suite at Caesars Palace

…After a nice cab ride to Caesars Palace we walk into the main check in area.  I tend to always over pack, so I was lugging around a 40+ pound suitcase and a laptop.  We look around, but cannot find Diamond Check In.  We were shown the way by a very nice employee on her way toward the Augustus Tower.  I haven’t seen the gaming area yet, but already realize how big this place is.  Diamond Check in and the Augustus Tower are pretty far from the rest of the casino.  Check in was a breeze and I was upgraded to a petite suite in the Palace Tower as opposed to the Augustus Tower room I reserved.  I love hearing the word suite!

After what felt like a 20 minute walk through the casino we found the Palace Tower.  After a day learning the grounds it wasn’t so bad.  The good news is that it’s right by the pools.  Only 3 of the 5 pools are currently open.  Here is the view of the pools from my room.


Now for a photo tour of the petite suite.  Open the door to the nice entry hall filled with huge closets to the left and two bathrooms and a vanity to the right.


If I were to nitpick I would mention that the TV was too small and did not have HD programming.  The actual decor of the TV area was very nice.  However, I had to chuckle at the $6.50 bag of kettle chips that cost $1 anywhere else.  Truth be told, I would have eaten them if I was drunk and hungry.


The room was pretty spacious and, again, decorated very nicely.  The general room decor is modern.  I’ve mentioned before how much I like and prefer clean line design.  Doubling back we head to the bathrooms.


The larger of the two bathrooms included a single sink with a granite top, a water closet (shown above) with a bidet and toilet as well as a huge jacuzzi tub (not shown).  The smaller of the bathrooms had just a sink water closet.  No complaints with that, just not exciting enough to take a photo.  The bathrooms were connected by jack and jill style showers.


Since the showers have glass doors my friend and I couldn’t both use the bathroom at the same time if one of use was using the shower.  I’m not sure that this was the best design idea, but it was ok.  Having a double shower was pretty cool.  The shower was huge.


Overall, I was pretty happy with the room.  The bathroom design was semi-dated but kept with the roman theme of the hotel while the main space of the room was spacious and modern.  The room was almost all the way at the end of the hall, which felt like a long haul on the first day but wasn’t really that bad.

Next up:  Time to get up and go…