Craps is Awesome and so are Suite Upgrades

Part One of my Vegas Vacation

Getting to the casino floor at Harrah’s was awesome, slow and difficult. At check in I was asked if I wanted a room with a view and if I wanted to wait for it since the rooms with a view weren’t available yet. I don’t really care about having a view, but while pounding away on her keyboard the awesome woman at the desk, again, asked if I wanted to wait – this time for a suite. Yes, I’ll wait for a suite! She didn’t mention if there was a view but since I don’t care about the view I said yes. After a bellman came and took my bags I headed to the Diamond Lounge for a drink. Well, one drink (Stoli n Soda) became four in the time it took for the suite to be ready. No big deal, there was booze and baseball on the TV’s.

I didn’t bother taking pictures or shooting video of the suite since it wasn’t anything special besides being big – 2 rooms big. Only a couple things really stood out besides the size of the suite. 1) It seemed as if there were bodily fluids on the chaise lounge. 2) Overall the room was functional, but it seemed as if the design hadn’t been updated since I was a kid – tube tv’s etc. It was even more out of date than the MGM Grand Bungalo Suite I detailed on Vegas Chatter a few months ago. Whatever, it was a suite!

After settling into the room I headed back to the Diamond Lounge for a couple more drinks. Why not!? Finally…it was time to get busy. I headed to the floor and found a $5 craps table located by the door to Carnival Court. The combination of 100 degree temperature outside and icy air conditioning made me feel like I was in Vegas in the summer. $5 craps seemed like a nice way to ease into a week of gambling. It was my lucky day…there was karaoke at the Piano bar. Nothing like hearing off key Bryan Adams at 6pm.

Hard Six Dice
Hard Six Dice

It was a fairly uneventful session until the end when I was about to be crapped out of $100. However, everything changed when I threw my last $3 on a hard 6. The shooter hit the hard 6 and I was back in the game. I pressed into a $5 hard 6 and he hit it again! I pressed my hard 6 to $10 and threw a $5 hard 6 for the dealers (the boys!)…and he hit it again!

This was amazing as the shooter was hitting points and numbers and of course hard sixes. My side of the table was ROCKING! I’d say 90% of the money on the table was from the four people on my side and 100% of the high fives were from people on my side of the table.

This is why we play craps!

After that last hard six I threw $5 for the shooter and now everyone was in on the action. Unfortunately, the shooter crapped out and he couldn’t collect on his hard six, but it was an awesome roll and my side of the table applauded the shooter. We only wished he was able to hit one more and cash in a little for himself (besides whatever he was placing himself).

So, from the brink of $0 I ended up almost $200! It was time to leave anyway, but it was a perfect time to walk away anyway – things couldn’t get better and I had to get to the Cosmopolitan for Queens of The Stoneage!

I repeat, this is why we play craps!

Queens of the Stoneage
Queens of the Stoneage

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