We Are Bridge On Fremont Street

Bridge At The Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas
Bridge At The Fremont Street Experience 

I was bored last week so I decided to spend a day and night in Downtown Vegas mostly on Fremont Street. Surprisingly, I didn’t gamble much but I had a great time anyway. I’ll be sharing highlights throughout the week.

One of the highlights last week was outside on Fremont Street when I walked into and out of The D. There was a two person band on the 3rd street stage called Bridge. Bridge are two dudes playing hard rock and heavy metal classics on cello.

Bridge isn’t new to Vegas. You may have seen them performing on the Vegas Strip or on Fremont Street at some point in the past couple years. On this mellow Thursday night I caught them performing for tips on the big stage playing songs from Guns N Roses, Metallica and AC/DC.

If you’re an older metalhead you’ll get a kick out of their show. I’m not quite a metalhead but I knew every song they played. There’s definitely some skill here.

You can see a 25 minute set below (there’s much more on the YouTube) and learn more about Bridge on Facebook. If you see the guys in person and like what you here drop ’em a couple bucks for the good times.

KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming Coming Soon

KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming
KISS Colossal Reels

The first KISS slot machine from WMS Gaming hit casino floors a couple of years ago and is pretty much gone. I rarely saw anyone playing the original KISS slot machine in my travels so it’s no surprise that it’s been removed from the casino floor. Aside of KISS being at G2E to promote the slot machine there was little excitement over the game.

Just like the band the KISS slot machine won’t go away.

A new KISS Colossal Reels slot machine will be hitting casinos soon. The video below is from the KISS Colossal Reels game that’s been available online in Europe. The Colossal Reel technology is really popular and should help bring new life into the KISS slot machine franchise that WMS Gaming probably paid too much for.

Does the KISS Army gamble? Would you play this game? 

Welcome To The Jungle And Other Guns N Roses Cocktails Now Available At Hard Rock

Guns N Roses Cocktail Menu At Culinary Dropout At Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas
Guns N Roses Cocktail Menu

I can’t say that I would be very excited to see Fat Axl and his Guns N Roses cover band at the Hard Rock but I think I’d like one of their drinks. Culinary Dropout debuted these three specialty cocktails to coincide with the latest GnR residency at the Hard Rock.

  • Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Angel’s Envy “Headmaster’s Private Reserve” Bourbon, Grand Marnier, Apricot Sour
  • Welcome To The Jungle – Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Red Strip Jamaican Lager
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine – Licor 43, Lemon Sour, Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Since I enjoy bourbon and Grand Marnier I think Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door would be my favorite of these drinks. Each drink is $12 which is on the higher end of the price range that you should expect for this kind of cocktail at the Hard Rock. These drinks would probably cost about $10 at Hard Rock if not for the Guns N Roses name.

Seeing a 50-year-old man sing songs written by a 20-year-old rarely works out. Download or buy the CD of “Appetite For Destruction” and hear how Guns N Roses songs were meant to be heard.

Photo: @KDCLasVegas

What A Night In A Vegas Nightclub Is Like

Flipping An Egg - "When Will The Bass Drop?" Saturday Night Live
Flipping An Egg – “When Will The Bass Drop?”

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live regularly in a while but when they have a sketch about music they’re usually on point. Lonely Island (buy at Amazon) regularly made me laugh and with Andy Samberg hosting we were treated to a hysterical digital short.

When Will The Bass Drop?” really captures what a night at XS, Marquee or any other nightclub in Vegas has turned into. Clubs have changed in the past few years from places to dance and meet people to DJ concerts where they can be flipping eggs, playing MP3’s or maybe actually DJing.

Shout out to Lil Jon for being Lil Jon at the end of this video (Turn Down For What?)! Enjoy!

Deep Purple, 3 Doors Down, Soul Asylum Among Free Concerts On Fremont Street This Summer

Soul Asylum Press Photo
Soul Asylum

Summer in Vegas is awesome. Fun by the pool (or in the air conditioning) during the day and free concerts in Downtown Vegas under the Fremont Street Experience at night! Fremont Street Experience announced the first batch of free concerts this week. There are 3 shows missing that I’ll fill in as they’re announced. Hopefully they’ll fill in with more mediocre 70’s-80’s-90’s rock. I say this with love.

The shows are always packed so I tend to avoid Downtown Vegas on nights when there are bands that were popular playing. That said chances are good that I’ll make it for Soul Asylum so I can relive my college DJ years.

May 24 — Karmin, 1st Street Stage
June 14 — 3 Doors Down, 3rd Street Stage
July 4 — Papa Roach, POD, Lit, 3rd Street Stage
July 18 — Summerland Tour 2014: Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 and Space Hog, 1st Street Stage
August 9 — Seether, 1st Street Stage
August 15 — Deep Purple, 3rd Street Stage
August 30 —Fuel, Filter, Local H, 1st Street Stage


Buy Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum on Amazon (Who knew they had a greatest hits album?!)

Rolling Stones Slot Machine From Aristocrat

Rolling Stones Slot Machine
Rolling Stones

I didn’t think much of the Rolling Stones slot machine when I saw it next to the Batman TV show slot machine display last year at G2E. It looked cool for someone that liked the Stones but I don’t really like the Stones. The game looked similar to other Aristocrat slot machines which also wasn’t exciting.

That said, the 5.1 speakers and iChair you see on The Walking Dead slot machine should be great for a music slot machine. If you like the Rolling Stones then you should enjoy this game. I’ll hold out on music based slot machines until there’s a Queens Of The Stoneage slot machine.

Check out the Rolling Stones store on Amazon

Press Release with details on the Rolling Stones slot machine are below:

Aristocrat has transformed the game and now unleashes whirlwind of iconic rock, The Rolling Stones™ Slot Machine!

Hot Licks will spill from the Rolling Stones Slot Machine, putting players in the front row with the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band! The themed fascia is instantly recognizable, and the game itself is endlessly entertaining.

Players settle into the immersive iChair and experience 5.1 surround sound while their favorite Stones songs play, and animation on the interactive LCD screen spin and merge into concert footage.

The game begs players to go on a roll with four interactive features with high hit rates:
· In Wild Licks, the Rolling Stones Lick logo randomly appears and licks wilds onto the screen
· In Rock ‘N’ Roll Steel Wheel, players spin to win credits, World Tour Picks or Start Me Up! Free Games
· In World Tour Picks, players pick international Licks for credit prizes; if the player finds all 4 band members they win all prizes and a bonus band member pick
· Seven free games are awarded and played on an 80-line 10×5 reel set on the top screen in Start Me Up! Free Games

Rolling Stones™ is a 40-line game that can be configured for 1c, 2c or 5c denominations, has a low volatility, a minimum bet of 50 credits and a max bet of 250 credits.

Optimized for the VIRIDIAN WS™ feature Top box cabinet, The Rolling Stones Slot Machine will bring satisfaction to your floor.

How Much For Scott Ian’s Vegas Adventure During World Series Of Poker?

Scott Ian
Scott Ian

If you don’t know who Scott Ian is you can move along, you probably won’t care about this. If you know who Scott Ian is let’s go.

Scott Ian from Anthrax has a new DVD coming out and to promote it he’s offering a ton of special experiences. See details on a Vegas vacation with Scott Ian during the World Series of Poker.

Disclaimer: This adventure will make “The Hangover” look like an episode of “Full House.”

Join Scott on a night of melee that begins at an undisclosed bar in Vegas, where you’ll experience a Black Tooth Grin (Dimebag’s favorite drink) in the form of an ice luge.

Then an amazing meal at Scott’s favorite Vegas restaurant.

From there, it’s off to the World Series of Poker where there’s a good chance you’ll get to be up close and personal with a few of the poker champs and throw back some cocktails. Count on a signed deck of cards from one of these card wizards.

A late night trip to Joshua Tree is not out of the question.

And then it’s mimosas and watching the sunrise over the desert and calling up some other rock legends from Scott’s cell….

You can have this Vegas adventure with Scott Ian for only $25,000. There’s only one available, so only you can be the man.

Photo: Wikipedia

City Of Rock Sounds Cool

City Of Rock Las Vegas Strip
City Of Rock

It feels as if there have been rumors of Rock in Rio festival coming to Las Vegas for a couple of years. It looks like those rumors may finally be true. Yesterday the Rock in Rio festival was announced to make its Vegas debut in May of 2015.


More interesting is that this isn’t an idea for a one-off festival. Rock in Rio seems to be the anchor for building the City of Rock – a permanent city and tribute to rock music with 5 concert stages and multiple attractions including a ferris wheel and zipline. City of Rock will be built next to Circus Circus and across the street from SLS Las Vegas.

The concept sounds really cool but unrealistic and it certainly won’t look like their promo video below. Las Vegas can barely support its existing concert venues adding 5 more stages to fill won’t be easy. Additionally MGM Resorts is building an arena that seats another 20,000 people behind Monte Carlo and New York New York.

I love the concept of City of Rock but don’t see it quite coming out the way they envision. Vegas Chatter has more details on City of Rock if you’re curious about specifics and more details.

Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio (Buy DVD)

Britney Spears “Piece Of Me” Playlist

Britney Spears "Piece of Me"
Britney Spears “Piece of Me”

I’ll have a review of Britney Spears “Piece Of Me” show at Planet Hollywood later this week but if you follow me on tumblr or twitter you know I loved it. Tumblr has pics from the show.

Here’s a vine of “Stronger”. This was the beginning to an awesome ending to the show.

I decided to make a spotify playlist because I need to relive the night and want share it with others. Enjoy and feel free to pass it on.

Britney Vegas

A playlist featuring Britney Spears

The Who Coming To Downtown Vegas

The Who Performing At Super Bowl XLIV
The Who Performing At Super Bowl XLIV

The Who is coming to Downtown Vegas!

The Who is the newest addition to the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision show on that you see and hear playing on the canopy above you outside of most Downtown Vegas casinos. The 7 minute show will begin this fall and run for 3 years. Here’s the lowdown on the music that they’ll play.

The new, 3D Viva Vision Show, titled “The Who: Miles Over Vegas,” will feature three songs by The Who: “Pinball Wizard,” “I Can See for Miles” and “My Generation.” 

Viva Vision isn’t an exclusive reason to visit Downtown Vegas but it’s fun to walk out of a casino while some classic rock jams are playing and lighting up the canopy.

I never used to be a fan of The Who but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come around on them and really enjoy some of their music. As long as Fremont Street Experience is adding former Super Bowl performers maybe they’ll add Beyonce or Britney Spears on Viva Vision someday. For the meantime, I’ll enjoy The Who.

Here are some links if you need music:

The Who
Britney Spears