Happy New Year From Bellagio

Bellagio has a pretty sweet display in their conservatory celebrating Chinese New Year. I’m not one normally into the conservatory but when they set it up for special occasions, they do a great job. Right now there are a bunch of dragons in the midst of the flowers for the year of the dragon and I approve!

Check the flickr gallery for more sweet pictures. Click below if you have $5 to spend on Year of the Dragon.

Year of the Dragon
Year of the Dragon


Is The Linq Even Real?

In August Caesars Entertainment told the world that their new project, The Linq, was supposed to break ground in September. It didn’t. On August 19, I said I would keep quiet about The Linq until construction started. I lied. I’m writing about The Linq.

Since the initial press push in August I haven’t seen or heard anything progress on The Linq. Just for reference, I receive press releases every day from Caesars Entertainment. There’s a lot going, but still, I’ve heard nothing about The Linq from the company and no rumors on my favorite Vegas blogs who seem to know everything.

Today, Vegas Chatter had a post about a potential problem Caesars is running into with the Flamingo Hilton Grand Vacation Club not allowing construction to begin.

A VegasChatter reader, who is also an owner, let us know why we haven’t seen — or heard — a lot about the Linq, despite Caesars’ announcement this summer that groundbreaking would start in the fourth quarter of the year. A goal, now rapidly disappearing.

“Before work can progress an agreement must be reached and voted on by the owners of the timeshare. It seems the timeshare has some sort of life long lease on the parking garage that will be demolished to make way for the Linq.

Hundreds of timeshare owners have to vote and have a 51% majority for the project to proceed. I don’t see that happening.”

I find it very hard to believe that the timeshare owners are holding up Caesars Entertainment from breaking ground on The Linq. I cannot imagine that Caesars did not their diligence and look into this supposed problem before coming up with a $600 million plan.

The Cosmopolitan is a one off casino project that had many issues, including the Jockey Club standing ground and not selling out. A company like Caesars has casinos all over the country and has probably dealt with every possible construction problem that exists in their years building traditional casinos, racinos and partnering to build Native American casinos.

While it may seem I have problems with The Linq I don’t. The concept is perfect. I just don’t know if it’s real and I haven’t seen any proof that it is. The conspiracy theorist inside me says that The Linq is a hoax created for some kind of other corporate gain (like helping their massive debt problems), but I don’t have proof of that so I won’t go there. I’ll go back to being silent on the matter while nothing happens.

Consider this a warning not to poke the bear. 🙂

Main Street Station: Top 10 Crapper In Country!

I still haven’t been to Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas (that will change soon), but evidently it has one of the top 10 public restrooms in America. How bout that?!

Main Street Station was one of 10 finalists in America’s Best Public Restroom contest, run since 2002 by Cincinnati-based Cintas Corp. Had it won, the bathroom would have been the first in Las Vegas to pick up the award, although others — including restrooms at Mix and Zeffirino at the Venetian — have been past nominees.

Las Vegas does have some of my favorite public restrooms. The Gold Coast has a huge room with many stalls which will give you privacy. It also has a single, non-handicapped, restroom for those times where you need to be alone. I don’t really care much about decor, but having a TV is a bonus and the mens room at the Red Rock Casino sportsbook has that.

This very special proclamation only makes me want to visit Main Street Station more.


Think Clint Holmes is Stoked? McRib is Back at McDonalds

Every year McDonalds brings back the McRib for a short period of time. While I’m sure there are a few people (Jeff in OKC, Erin Wootan) that like the McRib, I tend to think most are just trying to be cool when they say they like that thing. See Gawker for more info.

Unrelated to McRib, but related to McDonalds is the painting above of Clint Holmes (thanks Goon) that still hangs in the McDonalds next to Harrah’s Las Vegas. Clint Holmes had a show at Harrah’s that ended six years ago. I’m pretty sure this means that McD’s hasn’t refreshed itself in 6 years. Hopefully, they’ve cleaned the place in that time.

My hatred for McRib and the Clint Holmes painting are purely unrelated but came up around the same time. So, now, the real question is; do you think Clint Holmes likes McRib? I say no.

I Thought Summer Was Over In Vegas

I thought summer ended a few weeks ago. That pool parties were over. We wouldn’t see non-famous celebrities in bikinis. Well, I was wrong. Azure Pool at Palazzo was still open this weekend. But, now they’re closed. Their closing party was hosted by Christina Milian. I’m not sure how famous she is if I don’t even know who she is after reading her wiki. Whatever, she’s a girl in a bikini. Check Vegas News for more info and pictures of Christina Milian.  We think bikini clad celebrities are done for the year now that Azure Pool is closed.

Fergie Is Creepy

First things first – I find wax museums and wax museum replica humans to be super creepy. I almost passed up on sharing this, but I figured if a wax figure of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas creeped me out, maybe it will do the same to someone else. If you’re into wax museums, you can catch Fergie and other creepers at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at Venetian.

If we ever play hide and seek and you want to win, just go to a wax museum. I’ll never look for you.

Check Just Jared for lots more pictures of the creepy real and fake Fergie.

Fergie - The Duchess
Fergie - The Duchess

No Pee Pee In Your Linq Pod!

I said that I wouldn’t expound about The Linq until Caesars Entertainment broke ground on the project in Las Vegas. Although I’m technically writing about The Linq, this isn’t so much about The Linq as it’s about the Ferris wheel pod that’s planned to be anchoring the project. A ride on the Ferris wheel should take around 3o minutes and that will cost you about $20 from what I’ve read.

The Linq is seemingly aimed at the mid-level Vegas vacationers. Those are the people you’ll see walking up and down (clogging) the Las Vegas Strip with yards of fruity alcohol beverage wrapped around their neck in guitar or Eiffel Tower shaped container. Last week Vegas Chatter peaked on a chat with Caesars Entertainment to confirm something fairly obvious, but kind of gnarly. There will be no way to go to the rest room if you need to during the 30 minute ride.

But, the most interesting question (at least to us) was made by at least three Facebook fans — will there be restrooms in the pods of High Roller, the giant observation wheel planned to anchor The Linq:

Is there bathrooms inside each pod?

When your up in the air having cocktails, You need a bathroom near.

While Greg didn’t answer the questions, the Flamingo’s Facebook team did… kinda:

Not 100% sure but pretty certain the pods on the High Roller will not have restrooms.

So, potty before pod or else you’ll be thinking about wee wee all wheel long.

Considering a good portion of the customers for The Linq Wheel Pod will be family’s with children or drinkers this poses a small problem.  Kids and drinkers both, often, have problems holding their bladder. 30 minutes is a long time to hold it in. If The Linq ever gets off the ground we have to expect that the rides will be shortened or there will be a lot of money spent cleaning up their fancy new ride in a couple years.

Walk of Shame? Run of Shame?

Over the weekend CNBC sports news reporter, Darren Rovell, posted a picture of Puma sneaker display promoting “Run Your Walk of Shame.” The “Walk of Shame” is nothing new, but this reminded me about a story on Vegas Chatter a couple of days ago on how the walk could be worse at a casino in Las Vegas than other places.

I think it’s would be a lot worse walking across a college campus where you will see the same people again daily but I’m a dude, what do I know?

Either way, this is a fun promotion that clubs in Vegas can certainly get in on. While not The Walk of Shame the clubs and Puma could surely sell some sneakers to Heel Rats around town as their appearance is weekly and there are many.

“Absinthe” Star Angel Porrino Ain’t Ugly

I stayed at Flamingo for the first time last weekend and it was awesome.  The casino was much bigger than I thought and there were plenty of food and drink options.  I’ll get a review up shortly, but you can check some pictures on my flickr.

The weekend started with a short visit to Caesars Palace for an “Absinthe” tweetup (aka twitter hang).  Most of the cast showed up and put on a short performance.  I haven’t seen the show yet but reviews have been almost all really positive.  The show has one person that’s considered a “star” and that’s Angel Porrino.  The appeared at the tweetup and the next day she evidently was at Flamingo hosting a party at the Go Pool.

I was feeling a little hungover and took a walk outside in the afternoon and could not believe there was a line to get into the pool.  I’m not sure if it was because Angel was there or if that’s a Saturday afternoon hotspot.  All I know is that the walk didn’t get rid of my hangover.

Having seen Angel Porrino in person at least 3 times I have to say she’s very pretty.  I haven’t seen her perform in Peepshow or in Absinthe, so I’m not sure she has any talent.  I’m not sure that really matters.

Daniel Tosh Breaks Down Batman Beatdown on the Vegas Strip

By the time I saw the clip of the video of a dude beating up Batman on the Las Vegas strip, I was already bored by it.  As soon as anyone saw it someone would pass the video on with some kind of comment.  Some funnier than others.  Last night on Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh broke down the video with some funny commentary.  I know I’m not funny, so I’ll leave the fun to the professional.

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