Twitter Board At The Mirage

When I was at The Mirage last week to check out their renovated sportsbook (see pictures and review on Vegas Chatter) I noticed that the video display opposite the check in desk had a scroll of tweets that mention the hotel. The display isn’t dedicated to twitter but the screen scrolls for about as long as the commercials for other things to do on property. I’m on twitter all day so seeing my tweets from checking in and my pictures on display was pretty cool.

This may not seem as cutting edge to me today as it would have 3 years ago but twitter is still new to many people. This is still something new and different in casino marketing as I’ve never seen this done elsewhere. The delay is such that if you check in on foursquare when you get out of your car or cab you should see your name while waiting in line to check in to the hotel. This isn’t something that will make or break anyone’s hotel stay but it’s always nice to see your name in lights. Kudo’s to @TheMirageLV for doing something different.

PS: My “Where Am I?” question on my checkin was because this was my first time self parking at The Mirage and I had no idea where I was. I didn’t realize that the garage was connected to the casino by a walkway.

Sam Nazarian Says SLS Hotel Opening 2014 In Vegas

Vegas Tripping’s good friendSam Nazarian, continues his push to get out of the reality TV ghetto and into the real estate mogul world with another interview. This time he says that the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas will be opening in 2014. Of course, they’ve yet to break ground so there’s almost no way this is likely to happen.

In March 2012, Nazarian plans to open a luxury hotel in Miami, the SLS South Beach. Various other SBE-owned businesses, including Katsuya Restaurant, Umami Burger, and Hyde Lounge, will also inaugurate franchises across the U.S., leading up to the planned opening of SLS Las Vegas and SLS New York in 2014. (He won’t say where in New York he plans to open but has signed a letter of intent on a Midtown property.)

It looks as if he’s telling the same BS stories to investors about potential for a New York City property that he is about a potential Las Vegas property.  Call me crazy, but it will be more difficult to build (in NYC) since he doesn’t even have land yet.

All in all this article in (note: photo above from) Business Week is a quick read and it should be since it’s chock full of nothing.

For you Sahara enthusiasts, keep the dream alive!


Mayor Sahara

Just Call Me Marc: Mayor of Sahara!

After Sahara closed I noticed that it was still open for check in on foursquare.  Being the jokester that I am, I decided to randomly check in with some witty commentary every now and again.  I was sitting a traffic light in front of the Sahara when I checked in last Friday and I became Mayor of Sahara on Foursquare .  Everything about becoming Mayor was silly, but I could do it from my couch (anywhere really) and that made me laugh a little.  Actually, I laughed more than I should.

Social Media can be a great tool for marketing, but foursquare has positives and negatives with anyone being able to check in anywhere from anywhere at any time.

Sure, it’s great to be able to check in somewhere when your home if you’ve forgotten so you can let your friends know where you’ve been, leave a tip, etc.  It’s also kind of silly in the example I’m showing here.

Further, foursquare can be used and abused.  Think about Caesars relationship with Topguest where you can get 50 points every time you check into one of their Las Vegas properties.  If I was sinister, I could check into five Caesars properties, every day and earn 250 Total Rewards points from my couch.  In the grand scheme of things this isn’t much, but over a year that adds up.

I was just having fun with Sahara, but if you wish to ride the roller coaster – the answer is no!

Get 25% Discounts At Legasse Stadium

Legasse Stadium announced on their twitter feed that you can get 25% off your bill after you “check in” three times on Foursquare.

Many visitors can do this on one trip to get discounts of your own.  You can check in from just about anywhere in the Palazzo, so it should be easy to grab this discount.

It’s cool to see casinos use technology as a marketing tool.  It’s also nice to see the offer of a large discount like this.  I’ve easily spent a couple hundred dollars at Legasse Stadium with friends – and that’s with each of us getting drink tickets for our bets.  Hopefully this will bring more business to Legasse Stadium so more places do this.

Foursquare and Gowalla are apps available on smartphones that, in short, let people know where you are.  Foursquare is offers different kinds of rewards and “mayorships” while Gowalla offers badges that you keep on your phone.

Both are competitors and I’ve tested each of them for a while, but will be making the switch to Foursquare on my next trip to Atlantic City.  It seems as if more major corporations are using FourSquare.  I figure if I’m going to use my time on *another* social network I might as well receive something for it.

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