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Super Bowl picks are in!

I was holding off on making my picks but noticed that the spread on the game went to the Steelers – 6.5.  6.5 was my trigger and I pulled it and parlayed with the under which is 46.5.

Why did I choose the Steelers?

I’ve liked the Steelers for since they beat the Ravens.  I’ve been reading and watching and listening for a reason to not bet on the Steelers.  Nothing swayed me.  Still I held out.  I’ve been been waiting for the past 12 days for the line to move the half point from 7 and it finally did.  The reason I wanted the extra half point is that I didn’t want a push with a 7 point win.  I want to win.

Why did I choose the Under?

A major reason for choosing the Steelers is their defense.  If the Steelers win I think the winning score will be an average score in the low to mid 20’s.  Combined with a 6.5 spread I will win my parlay.

Props will be chosen tomorrow.  Check out sportsbook.com for the latest lines.

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