Are Fantasy Games Gambling?

ESPN‘s Streak for the Cash is a fantasy sports game with great prizes.  I don’t think this  is really gambling because there is no wagering involved.  However, the action allows for a similar rush because of the cash prizes.  For someone like me that enjoys sports betting this is just another outlet with no risk.  You can only have one pick going at a time which makes pick choices very key in this game.

The prizes help define the object of the game.  The prizes are:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $1,000,000 dollars to the first entry to build a streak of 27 wins in a row.
  • 2ND PRIZE: $10,000 dollars to the entry with the longest streak at the end of the contest period (which was not the Grand Prize entrant).
  • MONTHLY PRIZE (4): $2,500 per month to the entry with the most wins.

The first grand prize was won in December.  $1,000,000 makes for a nice holiday gift.  Since then they raised the streak for the million dollar prize to 27 correct picks in a row without a loss.

I enjoy that the selection is mostly games that I wouldn’t bet.  I’ve found myself going back to this website often when I have free time to check if I can make another pick.  As nice as the Grand Prize is, I’m not very concerned with how my picks do.  I’m more concerned with making my next pick.  That’s probably a gamblers rush, but I just want to move on to the next pick.  I figure that the better my picks are the better my chance of getting any of the prizes.  Bottom to top.

Do you enjoy fantasy games too?  Do you find them to be gambling?

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